Ultimate Gift Guide for Dudes

Man Holding a Gift Box and Looking Excited—Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA from Pexels

No matter who you are, where you’re located, or the company you keep, chances are you’ve got a self-proclaimed “dude” in your life. Dudes have a way of becoming the perfect sidekick overnight and before you know it, it’s their birthday and it’s on you to find them a gift that lives up to that unmistakable personality. But what if they already have all the workout toys, rare mezcal, and comfy sweats they need? The following guide lists some of the latest unique gifts on the market that we thought would not only entertain your favorite dude but prove useful in any bachelor pad, couples apartment, or home office.


White and blue striped activity tracking band from Whoop
Photo Credit: WHOOP 4.0 via WHOOP

When it comes to the adrenaline junkie you know and love, consider gifting him something that lands a step up from the usual watch selection. The WHOOP 4.0 is a sleek wearable fitness monitor that looks like a casual timepiece for someone who keeps their aesthetic minimal but their goal list packed to the brim. WHOOP’s intense monitoring system tracks progress in real-time but also zeroes in on details like sleep patterns and recovery time. The result is an all-in-one system that customizes your fitness plan based on who you are, not just how you work out. The device’s Strain score measurement lets its wearer know when it’s time to rest during a challenging activity, as well as when it’s worth going above and beyond. Blood oxygen, heart rate, and recovery range are just some of the key elements the system uses to guide you through improving both your health and stamina.


Custom colors, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 10-meter waterproof rating make the WHOOP 4.0 the ideal companion at home, on the go, and virtually anywhere else. A subtle, ultra-comfy design makes this must-have a seamless addition to any busy schedule. Memberships range from a monthly option to an 18-month membership and start at $18 a month.


Onnit Kettlebells

Standard, round-style black 24KG kettlebell with green stripes
Photo Credit: 24KG Kettlebell via Onnit.

A bestseller from fitness brand Onnit, these Kettlebells ($22.95- $214.95) are designed to grip easily, last forever, and push you further than you thought possible. If you’re not familiar with what a Kettlebell is, imagine a weight that looks more like a cast-iron 18th-century door knocker than a contemporary exercise tool. How cool is your dude going to look lifting that at the gym? Kettlebells are a great option for those who like to work out at home as well, or need a bit of extra motivation to rack up their cardio and strength training. They may look low-tech, but are one of the best ways to build up endurance over time–patience is key. The Kettlebell Swing is a popular exercise to aspire to, and there’s always room for progress, especially if one owns a couple of kettlebells at different weights. (If you’re still not convinced, check out Onnit’s “Three Reasons to Kettlebell”).


Onnit’s chip-resistant collection comes in awesome varieties like the Bigfoot, Orangutan, and Howler Primal Bell, as well as more straightforward ball-shaped options. For the beginning lifter, Onnit’s starter guide to kettlebells is a great resource and can be downloaded here. Or, better yet, watch Onnit’s founder explain the concept in this introductory video. Throw in a one-of-a-kind piece from Onnit’s apparel collection and an on-demand workout, and you’ll be good to go!


Athletic Greens

Photo Credit: Athletic Green Single Subscription level via Athletic Greens.

If you’re looking for something different for the person that already has all the workout/health/fitness gear you could imagine, consider Athletic Greens nutritional products, meant to provide vitamin, mineral, and nutrient boost minimally and non-invasively. The company offers a one-time, $99 purchase as well as monthly single and double subscriptions ($79- $149). ravel packs are also available. Each pouch of Athletic Greens (AG1) contains 30 servings of an alternative diet-friendly supplement that improves digestion, immunity, recovery, and energy retention, all in one daily scoop. Mixed with water, it’s a daily pick-me-up that is easily absorbed and more convenient than supplement capsules. Coined as a pillar of the Essentialist Nutrition Movement, the AG1 formula embodies a balanced ingredient list that considers the body’s natural synchronicity. Wondering what exactly goes into a product like this? The Athletic Greens website provides full transparency in the form of an in-depth ingredient list, which can be found here. Check out the company’s FAQ list for answers to any lingering questions and keep Athletic Greens on your radar the next time you need a gift that yields results.


Butcher Box

Butcher box subscription on top of a kitchen countertop
Photo Credit: Butcher Box

There’s nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving, and a surprise delivery from Butcher Box does that. Specializing in sustainably sourced meat from local farmers, the company is bent on making high-quality meat a staple as opposed to a luxury. An emphasis on holistic farming and a minimal carbon footprint makes any Butcher Box package an environmentally conscious gesture. The bulk of Butcher Box services are monthly subscriptions, but one-time gifts are available as well, and might just get your bestie hooked. The New Year’s Eve Box ($119), for example, includes not only 100% grass-fed mini hot dogs, but classic bacon, wild-caught scallops, shrimp, and smoked salmon to top off. With all that packed into one convenient box, free shipping, freshness, and quality are guaranteed. The New Year, New You ($139) Box is another seasonal option, featuring chicken, turkey, more seafood, and sirloin. Other options include a Chicken Sampler, Game Day Box, and Ultimate Variety Box ($149) for when you just can’t choose one. A Mini Box ($94) option is also available, featuring six single packs of beef, chicken, and pork. Any Butcher Box will brighten up a culinary adventurer’s entire month, with enough variety to keep dinner interesting. Include some of these creative recipes with your gift, courtesy of the Butcher Box website.


Tushy Bidet

Affordable bidet 3.0 with bamboo accessories from TUSHY
Photo Credit: TUSHY Classic 3.0

Though more of a personal touch, the Tushy Classic 3.0 ($99) is the kind of household item you don’t even know you need until it’s right there in front of you in all its glory. Share that eureka moment with your dude friend and gift him Tushy’s upgraded bidet bestseller. Simply attach the spray system underneath any round, oval, or elongated toilet seat, connect it to fresh water and take a seat! The answers to more specific install questions can be found on Tushy’s question and answer forum here. The bidet nozzle is pressure controlled, self-cleaning, and adjustable so that its stream goes exactly where it’s most needed. Minimal, discreet, and revolutionary, the Classic fits right into your daily routine and helps save toilet paper. Check out Tushy’s array of products for even more gift ideas. The Spa 3.0 ($119), for example, takes the Classic up a notch with an added warm water bonus! For the dude on the move, consider throwing in the TUSHY Travel ($29), a portable, collapsible bidet that keeps you fresh no matter where you are.

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Dude Wipes

6-Pack of "Dude Wipes" flushable wipes against a teal background
Photo Credit: 6-Pack of fragrance-free Dude Wipes

For an affordable, last-minute gift, look no further than a few packs of Dude Wipes, brought to you by Dude Products. With a fragrance-free and Mint Chill option, Dude Wipes are larger than usual, meaning one is often enough to take care of business. Hypoallergenic, alcohol, and paraben-free, they’re a great example of self-care for everyone from the heavy-duty gym rat to your average Joe. Coming to only $29.99, a six-pack of Mint Chill has 288 individually packaged wipes, and is a bathroom must-have, whether at home or beyond. Be sure to check out the Dude Products bundles selection for more no-frills gift-giving ideas.


Northern Brewer Brew Share Enjoy Homebrew Starter Kit

A kit to make your own beer at home brought to you by Northern Brewer.
Photo Credit: Brew Share Enjoy starter kit via Northern Brewer.

Making brewing easy and accessible since 1993, the team at Northern Brewer knows what they’re doing. Run by real live brewmasters, the company creates home brewing kits for the absolute beginner, as well as an assortment of equipment for more dedicated beer lovers. At $109.98, the Brew Share Enjoy Starter Kit is a great option for someone who has never brewed before but loves sampling the newest thing on the menu at your local brewery. Detailed, step-by-step instructions guarantee results- real-time virtual help and digital video guides are also available. (Check out this four-step guide for a basic intro to the process). The kit itself includes a stainless steel brew kettle, siphon-less fermenter, bubbler airlock, and bottling bucket, among other elements. Customize your purchase by choosing from three beer styles. Block Party Amber Ale, Chinook IPA, and Hank’s Hefeweizen are the choices for the Brew Share Enjoy Kit. Northern Brewer prides itself on a carefully selected ingredient list and no-questions-asked-guarantee. One weekend brewing party should yield two cases of homemade liquid gold, and hopefully mark the beginning of a brand new hobby. Using the Brew Share Enjoy Starter Kit is a great hands-on project that lets you really engage with the flavor and methods behind the quality beer. Craft brewing may be ubiquitous these days, but not everyone can say they’ve crafted a perfect pint in their kitchen!


Hyperice Hypervolt Go Lightweight Percussion Massager

Hyperice Hypervolt Go Lightweight Percussion Massager with attachments
Portable, easy to use, and compatible with the Hyperice app, the Hypervolt Go Lightweight Percussion Massager ($159) is a game-changer for any athlete, jogger, or hiker. Useful both pre and post-workout, the Massager can work wonders on tight or sore spots, enhancing performance and bringing much-needed relief to stiff muscles. Two head attachments, a high torque motor, and over 2.5 battery hours make the Hypervolt versatile enough to match any high-paced routine. The massager is also TSA-approved, meaning it’s the ideal travel buddy, too. Compatibility with the Hyperice App means you can customize your massage moments using handy app guides as you self-administer. Having three adjustable speeds at your fingertips can be revolutionary for the way you start and end an active day–even professional athletes swear by Hypervolt technology. The Percussion Massager can make a huge difference in the daily routine of someone who never rests. A few minutes of massage therapy is a gift that can encourage a higher level of self-care for a lifetime.


RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Speaker

RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Speaker with muti-color lights

With LED lights adorning both the speaker body and base, RUIXINDA’s Magnetic Levitating Speaker will light up any dude’s barbecue cookout or solo dance party. Thanks to magnet technology, this orb-shaped Bluetooth speaker quite literally floats above its base, meaning your guests will be doing double takes all night. Along with playing your music crisply and cleanly, the orb also features a built-in microphone, allowing its user to take and hang up phone calls via the control panel. 8 continuous hours of music at 70% volume, a ten-meter range, and multi-color LED lights give this particular speaker an extra wow factor (along with the whole levitation thing, of course). Don’t hesitate to surprise your number one party animal with his very own orb, and consider making your gift even better with something like this Audible subscription.


GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit
Photo Credit: Heated Razor Starter Kit by GilletteLabs

While there’s nothing we love more than a bearded dude, a clean shave undoubtedly makes a huge difference. One shaving session can be not only way too long but also tedious, so why not heat things up with a specialty razor that feels like a hot towel spa experience? GilletteLabs’ Heated Razor has a sleek, stainless steel warming bar that allows you to choose from two temperatures, depending on how chilly you’re feeling that particular morning. A single charge guarantees about six shaves and a FlexDisc element makes sure your razor doesn’t skip a beat while gliding across your skin. The product comes with a one-two refill cartridge and is compatible with GilletteLabs cartridges specifically designed to fit the heated razor. A wireless magnetic dock keeps your device charged and ready to go. Chances are that there’s just not enough time in the morning for a hot bath (or even an extended hot shower), so why not gift the rare treat of a hot shave instead?


Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Plush Robe

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Plush Robe

For when the oversized t-shirt and high school phys-ed sweats combo just isn’t working anymore, it’s time to surprise the dude in your life with a plush robe no matter how hard it might be to picture him in one. Shopping for your own robe is one thing, but slipping into one that just happened to be in that gift box is another! The Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Plush Robe features not only that logo you can’t miss, but luxurious fleece and classy patterns like Wallace or Blackwatch Plaid. If the dude in question is more of a streetwear aficionado, this may be the first Ralph Lauren product in his closet- but not for long! He’ll be shopping for these slippers in no time–all it takes is a few unbelievably cozy binge-watching sessions in his new robe.


A true dude might be hard to define, but once you really get to know one, his dude-ness is certain. His special character deserves an equally laid back but awesome gift, and a little bit of effort goes a long way when choosing the perfect household item, wearable, or gadget to wrap up. A pinch of novelty and a hint of humor is always a plus, especially when your gift is as useful as it is unique. Choose confidently–you know him best!

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