The Best K-Pop Songs (with Videos)

K-pop, or Korean Pop, is taking the world by storm. In reality, it already has, but it continues to gain popularity in the United States and throughout the world. This page highlights some of the best K-pop groups and artists with some of their most popular songs and videos.

K-pop idol group Mamamoo posing in front of neon illuminated background.
With over 200 K-pop groups and just as many solo acts out there, fans of the genre can discover new favorites just about anywhere. Some definite standouts are BLACKPINK, BTS, and IU.  Here are some of the most awesome k-pop artists and groups, with videos of their top songs. 


Mamamoo is one of the most talented and fun k-pop groups making music today. They were formed in 2014 by RBW. They have several albums and span quite a range of sounds, sampling jazz, R&B, retro, and hip hop music throughout their catalogue.

The Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa, and Wheein. These women are awesome–both their personalities and their music. Each member of the group has a noteworthy solo-career.

Hip (Dance Video)

This dance video for the song HIP is great! It also shows the amazing personalities and passion these ladies bring to their art. 


HIP (Official Music Video)

This is the official song and music video for HIP. It is powerful, and this is the song that really put Mamamoo on the map worldwide.


Loona (LOOΠΔ)

Loona is a 12-member Korean pop group that began their debut in 2016. Each member of the group debuted with a solo single over the course of 18 months. The group is made of 3 sub-groups:

  • 1/3: HaSeul, ViVi, HeeJin, HyunJin
  • Odd Eye Circle: Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry
  • Loona yyxy: Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye

Heart Attack (Chuu)

Heart Attack was Chuu’s debut, and she hit it out of the park. This is one of our favorite songs in the world, let alone the k-pop universe. And Chuu is adorable. 


High Hi

Moon Byul

Selfish (featuring Seulgi)








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