Gold Standard Whey Protein Flavor Reviews and Nutrition Facts

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition is one of the leading brands of protein supplement. Their powerful protein formula is designed for serious athletes to deliver results and taste great. Read our guide that breaks down the nutritional info, usage tips, and flavor reviews for all Gold Standard Whey Protein flavors.

Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition is the most popular brands of whey protein on the market. Their protein blend is powerful and tasty. This page will cover the nutritional details of Gold Standard protein and then review the different flavors and their unique nutrition profiles as well.

If you’re just here for the flavor rankings, here a quick summary of our favorites:

#1Extreme Milk ChocolateRead More
#2Delicious StrawberryRead More
#3Double Rich ChocolateRead More
#4Rocky RoadRead More
#5Banana CreamRead More

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Nutritional Information about Gold Standard Whey Protein

One of the things that Gold Standard advertises most about its protein product is that it is based on whey protein isolates (WPIs), which are the purest whey protein that currently exists. Because of the process involved in achieving this purity, the cost for WPIs can be high, but they are the ideal whey for serious athletes.

All of Gold Standard’s Whey Protein flavors use the same Gold Standard Whey “Protein Blend”, which is a mix of whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides. This protein blend contains a rich mixture of protein, amino acids, glutamine, and more for speedy recovery and lean muscle growth.

The rest of the ingredients in each bottle or bag of Gold Standard Whey Protein powder are specific to the flavor you purchase. We’ll cover each flavor in the sections below and focus on the nutrition of the protein blend for now.


Best Liquids to Mix with Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

There are many possibilities for mixing Gold Standard protein mix into your beverage or even food. Here are our favorite liquids and beverages to mix with:

  • Soy Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Smoothies
  • Water
  • Whole Fat Diary Milk
  • Low / Non-Fat Dairy Milk

Other Uses for Gold Standard Whey

  • Add into cereal with milk
  • Add into oatmeal
  • Cook into donuts and other pastries


Gold Standard Whey Protein Flavor Reviews

Optimum Nutrition offers over 20 flavors of whey protein in their Gold Standard series, and they continue to add more.

Certainly the deliciousness of a given flavor profile is totally subjective. However, we’ve combined our experiences with these flavors with the feedback in thousands of online reviews to share which are the consensus best flavors of Gold Standard Whey Protein. We also share some information about the contents and artificial flavors used in each so you can make the best decision on which flavor will suit you best.

Gold Standard Whey Protein Flavor Rankings

#1Extreme Milk ChocolateFull Review
#2Delicious StrawberryFull Review
#3Double Rich ChocolateFull Review
#4Rocky RoadFull Review
#5Banana CreamFull Review
#6Cake BatterFull Review
#7Mocha CappuccinoFull Review
#8White ChocolateFull Review
#9Chocolate MaltFull Review
#10Strawberry BananaFull Review
#11Chocolate MintFull Review
#12Chocolate Peanut ButterFull Review
#13CoffeeFull Review
#14French Vanilla CremeFull Review
#15Chocolate CoconutFull Review
#16Vanilla Ice CreamFull Review
#17Cookies and CreamFull Review

#1. Extreme Milk Chocolate (Best Overall)

This flavor is delicious all around, especially if you are a chocolate lover.

Best with: Soy Milk

Nutrition Summary


#2. Delicious Strawberry (Best with Milk / Soy Milk)

We didn’t expect to like this flavor so much, but it really hits it out of the park.

Best with: Soy Milk, Banana / Berry Smoothies

Nutrition Summary


#3. Double Rich Chocolate (Best with Water)

This flavor is solid as they come, and a treat after the gym for chocolate lovers.

Best with: Water, Soy Milk

Nutrition Summary


#4. Rocky Road

Nutrition Summary


#5. Banana Cream

Banana Cream seems to have a cult following growing behind it. So we tried it, we f***ing love it. For some, this can easily hold the number one spot in terms of deliciousness. The only reason it wasn’t our #1 flavor is that we know that banana flavor is widely debated, so some are sure not to enjoy it regardless of how well done the flavor is.

Best with: Soy Milk

Nutrition Summary


#6. Cake Batter

Best with: Soy Milk

Nutrition Summary


#7. Mocha Cappuccino

Nutrition Summary


#8. White Chocolate

Nutrition Summary


#9. Chocolate Malt

Nutrition Summary

#10. Strawberry Banana

Nutrition Summary


#11. Chocolate Mint

Nutrition Summary


#12. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Nutrition Summary


#13. Coffee

Nutrition Summary


#14. French Vanilla Creme

Nutrition Summary


#15. Chocolate Coconut

Nutrition Summary


#16. Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream is not bad, if you do not mind the artificial vanilla flavor. Many reviewers on Amazon and other sites were disappointed to find that Sacralose is one of the ingredients, claiming that the artificial sweetener ruins the flavor of the mix. It did not ruin it for us, but we still prefer many other flavors more.

Best with: Berry & Banana Smoothies

Nutrition Summary


#17. Cookies and Cream

There are dozens of reviews on Amazon and with users complaining about the flavor of cookies and cream. That’s unfortunate because it sounds like it has such potential. But we’ve confirmed it. While our sentiments aren’t as harsh as others around the web, we’re not a big fan of this one.

Nutrition Summary


Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Standard Whey Protein

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein lactose free?

No. Gold Standard Whey contains a small amount of lactose. It also contains added lactase, which assists in breaking down lactose.

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein college athlete approved? NCAA approved?

Yes. All products in Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard series are fit for collegiate athletes.

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein vegan?

No. Contains milk.

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein FDA approved?

No. Gold Standard Whey Protein is a dietary supplement, and thus, does not require the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein safe / safe for pregnancy?

Yes, but pregnant women should consult a doctor.

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein good for weight loss?

No, it is not a meal replacement. It is a supplement, designed for muscle growth. Best used when paired with exercise, which can result in weight loss and muscle development.

Is Gold Standard Whey Protein healthy?

Subjective, but yes.



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