Complete Guide to South Park Characters

Following up some of the best cartoons of the 80’s and one of the best to come out of the 90s, on August 13, 1997, the world was introduced to the wild storylines, and even wilder characters, of South Park. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the satirical show quickly won hearts—and by 2000, it garnered nominations for both an Emmy and an Oscar.

Of all the things South Park does well—relevancy, humor, plots, originality—there’s one thing they do better than any other animated sitcoms, such as Bob’s Burgers, and that’s character building.

23 years and over 300 episodes later, the characters in South Park—new and old alike—stand out from those of so many other animated shows. Here are the most prominent or memorable characters from South Park, from the longtime main cast, to one-offs fans still want to see in future episodes.


South Park Characters


The Original Four Boys

South Park is largely centered around four main characters—Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny. Together, they do an excellent job of portraying what life is like growing up in the modern world.

The friends find themselves in the craziest situations, constantly get in trouble, take things too far, make fun of each other, and wreak general havoc everywhere they go.  At the same time, they’re also learning, progressing, and maturing.


Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh smiling and giving the thumbs up.

Parents: Randy and Sharon Marsh
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Modeled after one of the show’s co-creators, Trey Parker, Stan Marsh is your everyday, typical young boy who lives in South Park, Colorado. He attends South Park Elementary and is best friends with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick.

Stan is usually pictured wearing a brown jacket, blue jeans, black shoes, red gloves, and a blue hat with a red brim and red pom-pom. He has black hair, though he’s rarely seen without his hat.

While he’s cynical and profane, he also shares a level of innocence and “sweetness.” Many people view Stan as the voice of reason in the show.

Additionally, Stan rarely takes a liking to adults in his hometown. In fact, the only adult he had any respect for was Chef, who passed away in Season 10, Episode 1.


Kyle Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski smiling on the street in South Park.

Parents: Gerald and Sheila Broflovski
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Kyle Broflovski’s character is modeled after the show’s other co-creator, Matt Stone. He’s best friends with Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Stan Marsh.

Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family in South Park. Cartman often makes fun of Kyle for this, along with his red hair.

South Park fans get to see Kyle’s red hair from time to time, but he’s almost always shown wearing a green winter hat. He also wears an orange jacket, green gloves, and dark green pants. He’s the most intelligent of the four original boys, and is known to have an array of talents.


Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman looking happy.

Parents: Liane Cartman, Jack Tenorman
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Eric Cartman is one of the most popular characters in the show. He was modeled after Archie Bunker, a fictional character from All in the Family. Generally viewed as the main antagonist in each episode, Cartman’s known for causing trouble.

Despite being one of the four original boys and spending most of his time with Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, none of them truly consider him their best friend. In fact, they don’t really know why they started hanging out with Cartman. Nonetheless, they continue to do it—and often regret it.

Cartman usually wears a blue and yellow winter hat, yellow gloves, brown pants, and a red button-down shirt. He’s an overweight 10-year old and was named after Matt Karpman, a friend of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who was also overweight.


Kenny McCormick

Kenny from South Park with head propped in hand.

Parents: Stuart and Carol McCormick
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Throughout the first five seasons of the show, Kenny was best known for dying in every single episode. After dying, Kenny would wake up in his bed and start life over. Eventually, he admits to being immortal.

Most people recognize Kenny for his muffled speech and bright orange parka, which covers his face. He’s a member of the poorest family in South Park, and is constantly getting in trouble with the law.

Kenny is modeled after one of Trey Parker’s childhood friends, also named Kenny, who sported an orange parka that made it hard for people to hear him. Since he often skipped school, his friends joked that he died.



Classmates & Friends

The four main boys all attend South Park Elementary, as do most of the children in their town. Their classmates are given a ton of air time, either featured in an episode or in the background.

Additionally, the boys have friends and enemies outside of school.


Butters Stotch

Butters Stotch smiling.

Parents: Stephen and Linda Stotch
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Butters Stotch was originally a background character and received his first speaking role in Season Two. Though he wasn’t seen much in the first few seasons, he eventually became the new fourth friend alongside Cartman, Kyle, and Stan, replacing Kenny in Season Five. One of Butter’s shining moments was when he wanted to come up with a plan to cause chaos. However, every plan he cam up with, the Simpsons‘ already did it. This really frustrated Butter’s as he wanted to be original.

Butters has messy yellow hair, a turquoise shirt, and greenish pants. He’s constantly being made fun of by the other boys, and is known for getting grounded by his parents for minor infractions or misunderstandings.


Wendy Testaburger


Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Testaburger
Voiced By: April Stewart (current), Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider, Karri Turner

Of all the female characters at South Park Elementary, no one has a more prominent role than Wendy Testaburger. She and Stan date, but also break up repeatedly.

Wendy despises Cartman. She’s very intelligent, and extremely popular among the rest of the girls at school. Her hair is black, and she usually wears a purple hat, purple jacket, dark purple gloves, and yellow pants.


Jimmy Valmer

Jimmy from South Park standing in a living room.

Parents: Ryan and Sarah Valmer
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Jimmy Valmer is one of the few handicapped characters at South Park Elementary. He’s a fourth-grade student, originally introduced in Season Five as a rival to Timmy Burch. Currently, he and Timmy are best friends.

Although Jimmy was never intended to be a major supporting character, his role quickly grew due to his popularity among South Park fans.

He loves comedy, talks with a stutter, wears braces, and walks with crutches.


Token Black


Parents: Steve and Linda Black
Voiced By: Adrien Beard (current), Trey Parker

Although Token was originally an unnamed background character, his role started to expand in Season Four.

His name originates from the term “token black guy.” This is used to describe a singular African American character in a television show, added in the name of racial diversity.

Token is one of the only African American students at South Park, but the kids often make fun of him for having rich parents. He generally hangs out with Craig’s group. Token is usually shown wearing a light purple shirt with a “T” on the front, as well as dark blue pants.


Clyde Donovan

Clyde Donovan standing on sidewalk in South Park staring at hand.

Parents: Roger and Betsy Donovan
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Clyde is one of the nicer fourth-grade students at South Park Elementary, though he’s not that smart and often laughs at Cartman’s jokes.

He’s a member of Craig’s Gang and has been around since the very beginning, but didn’t receive his first speaking role until Season 2.

Clyde has brown hair, and often wears a red jacket with blue gloves and brown pants. He briefly dated Bebe Stevens once she lost interest in Kyle, but was eventually used as a way of getting free shoes from him. You’ll generally see Clyde hanging out with Craig Tucker.


Craig Tucker


Parents: Thomas and Laura Tucker
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Craig Tucker is the leader of Craig’s Gang, which includes Token, Clyde, and Jimmy—as well as Tweek Tweak, Jason, and Butters from time to time. He’s one of two gay kids in South Park Elementary, and is dating Tweek. When irritated, he often flips people off.

Craig wears a blue chullo hat with a yellow puff on top, a blue button-down jacket, and black high-waisted pants.


Tweek Tweak

Tweek, looking panicked with hands on face.

Parents: Richard and Mrs. Tweak
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Tweek didn’t make his first appearance until Season 2, Episode 17, but he’s become a pivotal background character that sees quite a bit of air time. Jittery and paranoid due to large amounts of coffee, Tweek is generally a nice kid.

While his relationship with Craig was initially forced, the two remained together and are now very close.

Tweek sports messy yellow hair, and usually wears a green long-sleeved shirt that isn’t buttoned correctly.


Timmy Burch


Parents: Richard and Helen Burch
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Timmy uses a wheelchair, has a deformed head, and doesn’t have a strong vocabulary. In fact, he can only say “Timmy,” along with a few other words and phrases.

Timmy is well-liked, and receives equal treatment from the other students. He was first seen in Season Four and wasn’t supposed to make a return, but his growing popularity changed that.

Despite several fights with Jimmy, the two remain best friends.


Scott Malkinson

Scott Malkinson sitting in cafeteria at South Park Elementary with other minor characters.

Parents: Clark and Ellen Malkinson
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Scott Malkinson was first seen in Season Eight, but didn’t end up having a speaking role until Season 12. He’s one of the most unpopular students in South Park Elementary.  The four main boys tend to either ignore or tease him.

Scott is best known for his lisp and diabetes, which Cartman mocks mercilessly. He has brown hair, freckles, and wears a green jacket with teal pants.

Despite Scott’s initial lack of popularity, the boys tolerate him more in recent seasons.


Heidi Turner


Parents: Thomas and Nancy Turner
Voiced By: Jessica Makinson (currently), Mary Kay Bergman, Jessie Thomas

Heidi Turner made her first appearance in Season Three, and gained a more prominent role in Seasons 20 and 21 when she dated Cartman.

Her friends, which include Wendy, Bebe, Red, Nichole, Annie, Nelly, and others, were always curious as to why she fell in love with Cartman. He was one of the main reasons she gained a lot of weight in Season 21. She wears a green jacket, red gloves, and a striped hat with a flower on it.


Bebe Stevens


Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Stevens
Voiced By: Jennifer Howell (currently), Mary Kay Bergman

Next to Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens is a leader of the popular girls. She made her first speaking appearance in the show’s second episode.

Bebe is generally nice, and quite flirtatious. She received a lot of attention from the boys when her breasts developed early.

Bebe has frizzy blonde hair, and often wears a red jacket, dark green pants, and tan gloves. It’s also noted that she has acne.


Nichole Daniels

Nichole Daniels from South Park, smiling.

Parents: William and Mrs. Daniels
Voiced By: Laylo Incognegro

Nichole Daniels is a newer female student at South Park Elementary, and one of the few African American characters.

When she first arrived in Season 16, she developed feelings for Kyle. Thanks to Cartman, Nichole eventually dated Token.

Coincidentally, Cartman was also the reason Nichole broke up with Token and started briefly dating Kyle. It wasn’t long before Nichole and Token found their way back to each other, however, and they’ve been dating ever since. She wears magenta pants and a yellow jacket.


David Rodriguez


Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez
Voiced By: Matt Stone

David Rodriguez made his first appearance in Season 15, but didn’t earn his first major role until Season 19. He’s a fourth-grade Latino-American student at South Park Elementary, but is mostly known for being the busboy at his parent’s restaurant, Nueva Familia Mexican.

David eventually becomes one of Cartman’s many rivals. Cartman often mocks the way he pronounces his name—Dah-veed.

He has black hair, and wears a white shirt with blue sleeves and gray pants. David doesn’t talk much.



Nathan from South Park looking evil as though plotting something.

Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Nathan is the third handicapped student at South Park Elementary and a rival of Jimmy Valmer. He sells Jimmy steroids before the Special Persons Olympics, and tries to kill him at Lake Tardicaca.

Nathan is usually seen with his henchman Mimsy, another handicapped kid. While Nathan is quite intelligent, Mimsy screws up his evil plans. Nathan usually wears tinted glasses, a yellow shirt, and a gray jacket.


Kyle Schwartz


Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Kyle Schwartz is the maternal cousin of Kyle Broflovski.  He was first introduced in Season Five.

A stereotypical Jew, Kyle constantly worries about his health.  Additionally, he possesses no athleticism, and gets stingy around money. The boys avoid and ditch him often because he’s so annoying.

Kyle Schwartz has a very distinct look. His upper lip tucks into his gums, he wears abnormally large glasses, and he keeps his hair in a parted “jew-fro.”

Due to asthma, Kyle breathes heavily.  He usually wears a pink jacket with triangles on it and green pants.


Leslie Meyers

Leslie Meyers from South Park looking wide-eyed and alarmed at her computer.

Parents: n/a
Voiced By: April Stewart

Leslie Meyers is a fourth-grade student at South Park Elementary that doesn’t get a lot of air time. She made her first appearance in Season 18.

Most people know her as a human advertisement who manipulates others—first Jimmy, and then Kyle. PC Principal later kills her, once he learns she’s a robot.


Lisa Berger


Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Jessica Makinson

Lisa Berger didn’t make her first appearance until Season 16, and hasn’t had many appearances since then. She’s best known for her role in “The Hobbit,” where Wendy photoshops a picture of the nerdy Lisa to make her look beautiful.

Lisa is also known for having a crush on Butters, for which she is frequently teased. Despite this, Lisa has a good friendship with Wendy and even dated Clyde Donovan in “The Hobbit.” She wears her pants waist-high and is overweight.


Trent Boyett

Trent Boyett, scowling from Juvenile Hall.

Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Trey Parker

A bully and antagonist, Trent was regarded as the “baddest and toughest” kid in preschool. After the four boys lied about a fire they started, Trent went to Juvenile Hall, swearing revenge.

Five years later, Trent returns to South Park and starts his revenge tour by hospitalizing Butters. Before he can continue his rampage, he’s sent back to Juvenile Hall for another five years—after the boys lie about another fire they start.

Trent sports tattoos and a red checkered shirt.


Crack Babies


Parents: n/a
Voiced By: n/a

The Crack Babies appeared in the fifth episode of Season 15, titled “Crack Baby Athletic Association.” Cartman forms the Crack Baby Athletic Association after seeing a Sarah McLachlan commercial.

The CBAA receives attention after Cartman films the babies playing with a ball of crack cocaine. He comes close to signing a deal with EA Sports, but they then stiff him on the deal.


PC Babies

The PC Babies, characters from South Park, sitting on the floor of a bar smiling or neutral.

Parents: PC Principal and Strong Woman
Voiced By: n/a

Riley, Bailey, Harper, River, and Emory are the quintuplets of both PC Principal and Strong Woman. The PC Babies were first seen in Season 22.

All the babies inherited PC Principal’s political correctness, and therefore cry at anything even remotely offensive. They wear Oakley sunglasses.


Ike Broflovski


Parents: Gerald and Sheila Broflovski
Voiced By: Actual Children

Ike Broflovski, also known as Sir Ike Moisha Broflovski, is Kyle’s adopted brother from Canada. His birth parents gave him up due to Canada being ruined by the Cola Wars. You can tell Ike is Canadian by his floppy head and beady eyes, although his body isn’t box-shaped.

Ike was born Peter Gintz before Sheila and Gerald Broflovski adopted him. He’s extremely intelligent for his age. In fact, Ike entered kindergarten at the age of three.

He idolizes Kyle, and usually wears a blue onesie or a green shirt and black pants. Real children provide Ike’s voice.


Bridon Gueermo

Bridon Gueermo dancing and singing on cafeteria table with other South Park characters.

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gueermo
Voiced By: Trey Parker

First seen in Season 12, Bridon is modeled after Zac Efron’s character in High School Musical—which he has watched over 100 times.

Bridon sings quite well. While he initially engages in theatre at South Park Elementary, his theatre fanatic father abuses him to do so. Bridon eventually stands up to his father and joins the basketball team.




Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Mimsy, also known as Mimallah, made his first appearance in Season 14.  He acts as Nathan’s henchman or sidekick. If it weren’t for Mimsy, Nathan’s evil plans against Jimmy would succeed, rather than always backfiring.

Mimsy is a big and strong kid, though he’s unintelligent and easily manipulated. His upper half is very disproportionate to his lower half, and his white shirt doesn’t fit over his stomach.


The Goth Kids

The Goth Kids from South Park standing in the rain staring at ground.

Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Matt Stone (Michael), Trey Parker (Pete), Jessica Makinson (Henrietta), and others

The Goth Kids consist of Michael (fifth grade), Henrietta Biggle and Pete Thelman (fourth grade), and Firkle Smith (kindergarten). They rarely attend school, instead choosing to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee.

As stereotypical goth children, the Goth Kids don’t like conformists and constantly complain about life’s pointlessness. They’re always wearing black clothing and black eyeliner, and view emo kids and the South Park Vampire Society as their arch enemies.


Shelly Marsh


Parents: Randy and Sharon Marsh
Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza J. Schneider

Shelly made her first appearance in the fifth episode of Season One. As Stan Marsh’s older sister, she likes to bully Stan, and calls the four main boys “turds.”

Shelly’s ill-tempered attitude started when she got braces. She wears a light pink button-down shirt and dark pants.

Trey Parker’s older sister, Shelly Parker, served as the inspiration for Shelly Marsh.


Raisin’s Girls


Raisin’s Girls

Parents: n/a
Voiced By: various people

The Raisin’s Girls wait tables at Raisins, a restaurant that parodies Hooters. These pre-teen females act extremely nice and flirty towards the younger boys in order to tempt them into spending more money at the restaurant. They wear a lot of makeup.

Mercedes, the head waitress at the restaurant, leads the group. Other waitresses include Lexus Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, and Heather. Several unnamed Raisin’s girls make background appearances.


Scott Tenorman

Scott Tenorman amidst other South Park characters, horrified upon learning he's eating his parents remains cooked into a chili.

Parents: Jack and Mrs. Tenorman
Voiced By: Trey Parker (currently), Toby Morton

The “Head Ginger” and Cartman’s nemesis, Scott Tenorman was later revealed to also be Cartman’s half-brother.

Cartman did not discover they shared a father, however, until after he murdered Scott’s parents and cooked them into a chili, which he later forced Scott to consume. As a result, Scott spent time in an institution and now suffers from mental illness.


Kevin McCormick


Parents: Stuart and Carol McCormick
Voiced By: Trey Parker

Kevin McCormick is the brother of Kenny McCormick. He talks in a slow, repetitive slur.  A heavy drinker, Kevin is prone to violence.

Usually, he wears a red collared shirt and gray pants, with a Band-Aid and dirt or occasional scratches on his face.

Kevin’s three speaking parts came in “Chickenlover,” “Chickenpox,” and “The Poor Kid,” but he doesn’t have a prominent role.


Starvin’ Marvin

Starvin Marvin from South Park sitting on sofa and eating.

Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Matt Stone

Starvin’ Marvin, known as (click)-(oh-in-uh)-ma’bin in his home country, is a malnourished little boy from Ethiopia who was accidentally shipped to the four boys. They then decide to take him in and teach him their ways.

Though he doesn’t speak English, he learns a few phrases before the government forces the boys to ship Starvin’ Marvin back to Ethiopia.

Starvin’ Marvin makes another appearance in a later episode, where he steals a spaceship and transports all the Ethiopians to another planet.


Terrance & Phillip


Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Matt Stone (Terrance), Trey Parker (Phillip)

Terrance and Phillip are two Canadian comedians reminiscent of Beavis and Butt-Head. They star in The Terrance and Phillip Show. The main four boys absolutely love their show, and find their frequent farting hysterical.

Phillip, also known as Sir Phillip Niles Argyle, wears a blue shirt with the letter “P” on it. Terrance, also known as Sir Terrance Henry Stoot, wears a red shirt with a “T” on it.

Like most Canadian characters in South Park, Terrance and Phillip possess box-shaped bodies, beady eyes, and floppy egg-shaped heads.



Towelie with a Tegridy Farms apron on, working a register.

Parents: TynaCorp
Voiced By: Vernon Chatman

Genetically engineered by TynaCorp, Towelie is a talking towel. Besides his catchphrase—“Don’t forget to bring a towel!”—fans know Towelie best for his random towel advice and penchant for drugs. He first appears in Season Five.

Towelie is nothing more than a blue towel with a face, arms, and legs. His addictions include crack cocaine, heroin, computer duster, and crystal meth, all of which led him to rehab.

Currently, Towelie smokes marijuana and works at Tegridy Farms with Randy Marsh.


Mr. Hankey


Parents: n/a
Voiced By: Trey Parker

This jolly, Christmas-themed piece of poop was inspired because Trey Parker’s father told him not flushing the toilet would cause the feces to come alive and eat him.

Mr. Hankey takes on the role of Santa Claus, rising from the toilet on Christmas Day to visit anyone with a high-fiber diet.

He lives beneath the sewers in South Park. Along with an alcoholic ex-wife, Mr. Hankey also has three children.



Parents & Teachers

As with the children of South Park, the adult characters play a prominent and hilarious role in the show’s stories and tone.


Miss Claridge


Voiced By: Mona Marshall

Introduced in Season Eight, Miss Claridge has made four appearances thus far. She was the four boys’ pre-school teacher who suffered major burns and injuries as a result of a fire started by Stan, Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny. They then blamed this fire on Trent Boyett.

Miss Claridge survived the fire, now confined to a modern chair like Capt. Christopher Pike in Star Trek. No longer a teacher, she communicates via beeping and flashing the lights on her chair.


Coach Connors

Coach Connors against the ropes of a wrestling ring looking angry.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

Coach Connors, also known as Mr. Connors, appeared in the Season 13 episode, “W.T.F.”

He loves wrestling and served as the wrestling teacher at South Park Elementary. After Principal Victoria realized how unpopular wrestling was—and mistaking wrestling videos on his phone for gay porn—she fired Coach Connors.

Coach Connors wears a wrestling singlet, headgear, and a kneecap sleeve.


Herbert Garrison


Voiced By: Trey Parker

As the main boys’ teacher, Herbert Garrison plays an enormous role in the show.

While he presented as male for the first eight seasons, Mr. Garrison later changed his name to Janet and underwent a sex change in Season 9. In Season 12, he reversed the sex change.

He ran for president in Season 19 and won, taking on a resemblance to Donald Trump, then returned to teaching in Season 24.  His puppets, Mr. Hat and Mr. Twig, represent his multiple personality disorder.


Mr. Mackey

Mr. Mackey holding papers in a classroom.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

As the guidance counselor at South Park Elementary, Mr. Mackey first appeared in Season 1. He’s one of the more level-headed characters, and was modeled after Trey Parker’s real-life school counselor, Mr. Lackey.

Mr. Mackey says “M’kay” after most of his sentences. Possessing a skinny body and balloon-shaped head, he wears glasses, a green dress shirt, a blue tie, and blue pants.


Mary Gollum


Voiced By: Mary Kay Bergman, Karri Turner

Mary Gollum is the school nurse at South Park Elementary. Most viewers recognize her as the character with the dead fetus attached to her head. She suffers from a fictional condition called conjoined twin myslexia.

Nurse Gollum wears a white nurse suit and a white cap, as well as a gold nameplate and pink hair. The dead fetus on her head terrifies most of the students.


Principal Victoria

Principal Victoria from South Park sitting behind a desk.

Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Eliza J. Schneider, Mary Kay Bergman

Principal Victoria served as the principal of South Park Elementary from Season 1 to Season 18, later replaced by PC Principal.

Compared to other adults in South Park, Principal Victoria is rather intelligent and competent, with an accent similar to that of Sarah Palin.

She has curly yellow hair and wears a pink blouse, white undershirt, glasses, and black pants.


Richard Adler


Voiced By: Matt Stone

Richard Adler, the shop class teacher, made his first appearance in Season 3. His most prominent role is in “Tweek vs. Craig.”

Richard struggles with the recurring memory of his late fiancée, who died in a plane crash. Overweight with big cheeks and a Band-Aid on his forehead, he refers to everything as “screwing around,” and constantly chews nicotine gum.


PC Principal

PC Principal standing in the halls of South Park Elementary among child characters, yelling about a flyer.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

PC Principal—real name: Peter Charles—replaced Principal Victoria in Season 19. He dedicates himself to political correctness with unmatched fervor, and even violence.

After falling in love with Strong Woman, the vice-principal, he becomes the father of the PC Babies.

PC Principal wears Oakley sunglasses, a blue polo, and khaki pants.


Ms. Stevenson


Voiced By: Katherine Howell

Ms. Stevenson, the former kindergarten teacher at South Park Elementary, appeared in only one episode, where she fell in love with Ike Broflovski. Kyle and Cartman eventually found out and turned her in as a pedophile.

After escaping jail and attending rehab, she tried to flee to Milan with Ike before Kyle and Cartman once again thwarted her plans. During her evasion of law enforcement, Mrs. Stevenson jumped off a roof, expecting Ike to follow suit. He didn’t, and she fell to her death.


Mr. Slave

Mr. Garrison talks to Mr. Slave, who is chained to a wall.

Voiced By: John Hansen

Mr. Slave, once the teacher’s assistant and boyfriend to Mr. Garrison, married Big Gay Al. His first major appearance came in Season Six.

He speaks with a lisp and often says, “Oh, Jesus Christ!” A proud manwhore, he wears black leather clothing, black cowboy boots, and a black chauffeur’s hat, as well as a handlebar mustache.


Strong Woman


Voiced By: Jessica Makinson

Strong Woman, who also goes by the name Catherine, serves as the current vice-principal at South Park Elementary. She births PC Principal’s quintuplets at the rest of the town’s disgust. Her first appearance came in Season 21 when she and PC Principal fall in love.

A strong and independent woman, as well as a social justice warrior—much like PC Principal—Strong Woman doesn’t believe in gender stereotypes. She often wears a long purple skirt, purple jacket, and magenta shirt.


Randy Marsh

Randy Marsh staring with mouth open.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

One of the most prominent and popular characters in South Park, Randy is the father of Stan and Shelly Marsh, as well as the husband of Sharon Marsh.

Despite his job as a geologist and having a doctorate, Randy frequently makes bad and stupid decisions.

Randy owns and operates Tegridy Farms, which grows marijuana and hemp, and used to perform as Lorde. He wears a blue shirt with pockets and has a black mustache.


Sharon Marsh

Sharon Marsh standing in kitchen shaking a Shake Weight with Stan behind her.

Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Eliza J. Schneider, Mary Kay Bergman

Sharon, the stern but loving mother of Stan and Shelly Marsh, usually doesn’t tolerate her husband Randy’s obsessions and bad decisions. In fact, they file for divorce at one point, but later re-marry.

Though she started as a minor character, she slowly gained prominence the more she got roped into Randy’s antics.

Sharon, much like Stan, serves as a voice of reason in many episodes. She wears a brown shirt with a red collar and red cuffs. Her attire closely resembles Stan’s.


Jimbo Kern

Jimbo and Ned from South Park standing in snowy forest.

Voiced By: Matt Stone

Jimbo Kern made his first appearance in Season One. He’s Sharon Marsh’s brother, and Stan and Shelly’s uncle. He usually wears a green vest, orange jacket, orange hat, and light brown pants.

As a gun enthusiast, Jimbo loves hunting.  Additionally, he served in the Vietnam War, although his memories of that often prove faulty.

Jimbo offtens appears with his longtime war buddy Ned Gerblanski, who speaks with an external voice box.


Gerald Broflovski


Voiced By: Matt Stone

Gerald Broflovski is the husband of Sheila Broflovski and father of Kyle and Ike Broflovski. He’s a lawyer and also the attorney for the City Council. Although mentioned in the pilot episode, he made his first appearance in Episode 9.

Gerald Broflovski sports a full beard and sideburns, as well as a magenta yarmulke, khaki jacket, and green pants. He cares about the environment and current events.

Usually, Gerald is kind and well-mannered—save for his role as Skankhunt42 during Season 20.


Sheila Broflovski

Sheila Broflovski holding her adopted son Ike.

Voiced By: Mona Marshall (currently), Mary Kay Bergman

Sheila Broflovski is the mother of Kyle and Ike, and the wife of Gerald Broflovski. Cartman hates her for frequently ruining his antics.

Known for protesting anything she finds even remotely offensive, Sheila actually caused the Canadian-American war. While very protective of her family, Sheila often takes things too far.

A redhead like Kyle, she speaks with a Jersey accent and usually wears a magenta skirt, dark purple jacket, and pink blouse.


Liane Cartman


Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Eliza J. Schneider, Mary Kay Bergman, Karri Turner

Liane Cartman is the single parent of Eric Cartman and is largely considered one of the more prominent parents in South Park, alongside Randy Marsh. Despite her son’s crazy antics and misbehavior, she constantly sides with her son and spoils him.

Liane slept with Mr. Tenorman during his time on the Denver Broncos, resulting in her pregnancy with Cartman.

She has a promiscuous attitude and was modeled after Trey Parker’s ex-fiancée, who committed infidelity before their wedding.


Stuart McCormick

Stuart McCormick looking angry amidst a crowd.

Voiced By: Matt Stone

Stuart McCormick is the husband to Carol McCormick and father to Kenny, Kevin, and Karen McCormick. Although loving and caring to his wife when sober, Stuart abuses and belittles her while drunk.

Generally seen at the bar with some of the other boys’ fathers—including Randy Marsh, Stephen Stotch, and Gerald Broflovski—Stuart wears a red “SCOTCH” hat and white shirt, under a light blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up.


Mrs. McCormick


Mrs. McCormick

Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Eliza J. Schneider, Mary Kay Bergman

Carol McCormick is both the wife to Stuart McCormick and the mother to Kenny, Kevin, and Karen McCormick. A devout Catholic, she also belongs to the Cult of Cthulhu—a likely reason for Kenny’s constant deaths and rebirths.

She likes to knit and loves to drink alcohol, along with her husband. Although Stuart abuses Carol, she seems to do the same to him from time to time. She wears blue jeans and a lime green shirt that reads “I’m With Stupid.”


Stephen Stotch


Voiced By: Trey Parker

Stephen Stotch is the husband to Linda Stotch and the father to Butters Stotch. Despite being bisexual, he fears his son turning bi or gay as well—though he eventually shows acceptance at the possibility.

Stephen frequently grounds Butters for minor or nonexistent infractions, and beats him on occasion. Nonetheless, he ultimately loves his son.

Stephen usually wears a green dress shirt, white tie, and blue pants.


Linda Stotch

Linda Stotch looking unhinged, holding a paint roller and painting her son's face green.

Voiced By: Mona Marshall

Linda Stotch is the wife of Stephen Stotch and mother of Butters Stotch. A quiet and submissive woman who loves her son, she often spends time reading or cleaning the home.

Linda works as an engineer and servers as treasurer on the City Council. Despite her sweet nature, she becomes mentally unstable when things go wrong. She wears a long purple skirt and maroon shirt.


Laura Tucker


Voiced By: Elise Gabriel (currently), Mona Marshall, Mary Kay Bergman

Laura Tucker doesn’t have the best relationship with her son, Craig, who flips her off in Season Three. While earlier seasons don’t feature her much, her popularity grew.

Most fans remember her from “The Magic Bush” episode, where a drone catches her undressing. Everyone then grows obsessed with her “bush.”

Laura usually wears a green shirt, long green skirt with white flowers, and black shoes.


Thomas Tucker

Thomas Tucker sitting at a bar with a glass of wine.

Voiced By: Matt Stone (currently), Trey Parker

Thomas Tucker is the husband of Laura Tucker and father of both Craig and Tricia Tucker. Like the McCormick family and Jimbo Kern, Thomas Tucker and his wife are considered rednecks. When displeased, he flips people off in the same manner as his son.

Thomas possesses a rather uncaring nature and seems to approve of Craig’s bad attitude. He somewhat begrudgingly accepts his son’s homosexuality.

Thomas is one of the tallest people in South Park, and has red balding hair. He wears a blue shirt with brown pants.


Steve Black


Voiced By: Adrien Beard, Trey Parker

Steve Black is the husband of Linda Black and father of Token Black. As a lawyer and one of the richest people in South Park, he lives in an enormous house, drives a big SUV, and believes hate crimes are rather hypocritical in nature.

Steve and his wife enjoy the finer things in life.  They’re extremely out of touch with middle-class people, and are mortified when Token wants to shop at J-Mart for clothes. He wears a blue jacket, white shirt, and brown pants.


Linda Black


Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Mona Marshall, Eliza J. Schneider

Linda Black is the wife of Steven Black and the mother of Token Black. She and Steve made their first appearances in Season Four, when the boys got Cartman out of jail. She’s very intelligent and wealthy, as evidenced by her occupation as a chemist at a pharmaceutical company.

She doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the middle-class families, and doesn’t know how to shop like them. She wears long black dreadlocks held up with a red bobble, a blue skirt, green v-neck jumper, white shirt, and earrings.


Richard Tweak


Voiced By: Trey Parker

Richard Tweak is the husband to Mrs. Tweak and father of Tweek Tweak. He made his first appearance in Season Two.

Richard and his wife own Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse in South Park, the only coffee shop in town.

Very supportive of and passionate about small businesses, Richard actually writes the boys’ school paper on how big businesses ruin small, family-owned ones. He wears a maroon shirt with a nameplate.


Officer Barbrady

Officer Barbrady pointing at viewer looking angry.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

For the longest time, Officer Barbrady served as the only police officer in South Park. With the introduction of Sergeant Yates and other officers, he was revealed to be the Chief of Police.

Despite his title, Officer Barbrady is extremely incompetent and illiterate. After shooting an unarmed Latino boy, he was fired—then later re-hired to help bring down ISIS.  He was fired and re-hired once more following an incident where he shot some children playing as ninjas.


Tuong Lu Kim


Voiced By: Trey Parker

Tuong Lu Kim is the owner of City Wok, a local Chinese restaurant. Although he appears to be Chinese and has a Chinese accent, he’s actually the alter ego of Dr. William Janus, a white therapist. His first appearance came in Season Six, with his true identity revealed in Season 15.

Despite killing the owner of rival restaurant City Sushi, Dr. Janus was allowed to continue posing as a Chinese man—mainly because City Wok is now the only Asian restaurant in South Park.


Father Maxi

Father Maxi sitting in the pew of a church with Butters.

Voiced By: Matt Stone

Father Maxi, the Priest at the South Park Church, serves as the voice of the town’s Christian community. He made his first appearance in Season One, and believes everyone will go to Hell when they pass—even Timmy Burch.

Father Maxi doesn’t approve of priests having sex with children. In fact, he’s intent on changing the law that allows it, replacing it with a law that allows them to have sex with women instead.


Mr. Adams

Mr. Adams from South Park standing behind desk handing over a headshot.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

Mr. Adams made his first appearance in Season 15 and has made several appearances since then. A caseworker at Child Protective Services, he tried to find both Kenny and Cartman a suitable home but did not succeed.

He constantly tells jokes about the Penn State Scandal. Despite his incompetence, he truly does care for children. Mr. Adams wears a dark brown shirt, light brown pants, and a gold tie.


Mayor McDaniels


Voiced By: April Stewart (currently), Eliza J. Schneider, Mary Kay Bergman

Mayor McDaniels is the mayor of South Park. She made her first appearance in Season One.

Sophisticated, egotistical, and stubborn, she acts better than everyone else and stands by her decisions at all times.

Though she attempted suicide in Season 9 when she invited all the hippies into town, she survived and returned to her position. She has turquoise hair, and wears green pants with a blue jacket.


Harrison Yates


Voiced By: Trey Parker

Sergeant Harrison Yates originally worked for the FBI, but later served as lead detective for the Park County Police Force. Frequently seen with his partner, Mitch Murphy, Harrison Yates is dim, misogynistic, racist, and lazy.

Additionally, there’s a good chance he’s homosexual or bisexual, due to his role in “Butter’s Bottom Bitch”—in which he acts like a prostitute and marries his pimp.

Harrison Yates has red hair, keeps a gun in the holster on his chest, and wears black pants, a white dress shirt, and black suspenders.


Ned Gerblanski


Voiced By: Trey Parker

Ned Gerblanski served in the Vietnam War alongside his best friend, Jimbo Kern. He speaks through an electrolarynx due to smoking cigarettes.

Another noticeable trait is his missing right arm, which was blown off in war when a grenade exploded prematurely in his hand.  He loves to hunt with Jimbo Kern.

Despite frequent sightings and lines in earlier episodes, Ned rarely makes appearances now.



Stephen Stotch, Gerald Broflovski, and Skeeter stare angrily in a bar.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

Skeeter owns Skeeter’s Wine Bar, where he’s also the bartender. He made his first appearance in Season 1, but didn’t receive a big role until Season 3.

Known for his redneck attitude and Southern accent, his catchphrase is, “We don’t take kindly to your type around here.”

Socially ignorant, Skeeter often leads protests and drinks excessively. He wears a pink jacket with black pants, and has red hair with red sideburns.



South Park Characters You Don’t See Enough Of

Several characters don’t get big roles—but they should. Here are the South Park characters who deserve way more airtime.


Josh Myers


Voiced by Trey Parker, Josh Myers is a 10-year old prison inmate at the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall, charged with TP-ing over 600 houses in under a year. He appears in Season 7, Episode 3.

He resembles Hannibal Lecter in his mannerisms and appearance. In fact, one of his best lines is, “That’s a terrible cologne you’re wearing, Officer. You should try something more…casual.”

Josh escaped Juvenile Hall to TP the White House—his last formal appearance besides a brief glimpse in the Season 17 intro, where he sits in the back of Barbrady’s police car.


Gary Harrison


Although an extremely nice and sympathetic Mormon, Gary is far from a pushover. He appears in “All About Mormons” (S7, E12).

Things start off a little shaky, with Stan threatening to beat Gary up at school—something Gary is actually okay with. Gradually, the two become friends as Gary teaches Stan about his religion.

By the end of the episode, Stan concludes he doesn’t want to be Gary’s friend and thinks his religious beliefs are stupid.  This leads Gary to scold Stan with a powerful yet unexpected message: “All I ever did was try to be your friend, Stan, but you’re so high and mighty you couldn’t look past my religion and just be my friend back. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.”

Cartman liked it, so perhaps Gary will make a reappearance in future seasons.


Mr. Gueermo


Mr. Gueermo—the drama-loving, theatre-crazed, metrosexual antagonist that wants nothing more than attention and spotlight—first appears in “Elementary School Musical” (S12, E13).

His trademarks include slapping sprees and musical numbers, along with the catchphrase, “I’ll slap you!” Despite his aggressiveness, he ends up being a gigantic sissy when his son and wife finally beat him up.

He’s made several cameos since, but they’ve been background roles—including in the song “Queef Free.”


Kip Drordy

Kip Drordy looking sad and lonely at his desk.

Kip Drordy had one major feature in one of the most iconic episodes of all time, “You Have 0 Friends” (S14, E4).

For those that don’t remember poor little Kip, he was the depressed kid that was always alone. A third-grader at South Park, he’s overcome with joy when Kyle Broflovski friends him on Facebook—his first-ever “friend.”

Kyle ultimately lets Kip down by unfriending him, much like Stan did to Gary Harrison. Kip now serves as a background character, but deserves another shot in the spotlight.



South Park Characters That Are Gone Forever

Throughout the 23 years of South Park history, more than a few characters have met their end—and it’s usually hilarious and gruesome, even if fans are sad to see them go.


Pip Pirrip

Pip from South Park standing in a field at sunset holding flowers.

Voiced By: Matt Stone

Phillip “Pip” Pirrip was an exchange student at South Park Elementary. Before moving to South Park, he attended Stratfordshire Primary in Stratford, England.

He excelled in archery, and was generally a sweet and joyful character in South Park. Due to this, the other boys frequently mistreated him.

In Season 14, Pip politely asked Mecha-Streisand to stop destroying South Park. She then stepped on him and killed him.


Ms. Choksondik


Voiced By: Trey Parker

Ms. Choksondik was the boys’ teacher at South Park Elementary. She was known for her extremely saggy breasts and lazy right eye, and had a brief sexual relationship with Mr. Mackey.

While her cause of death in Season Six remains unknown, the coroner discovered Mackey’s semen in her stomach. This frightened the boys, who had put “seamen”—also known as brine shrimp, or Sea People—in her coffee.

Mr. Garrison eventually replaced Ms. Choksondik.




Voiced By: Isaac Hayes

Also known as Jerome McElroy, Chef was one of the most beloved and popular adult characters in all of South Park. He was the cafeteria chef at South Park Elementary and one of the few African American characters.

Chef had a strong relationship with the four original boys, giving them advice in almost every episode and frequently breaking out in song.

At the start of Season 10, Chef died after getting mauled by a mountain lion and grizzly bear. Stone and Parker used previously recorded dialogue to complete the episode, since Isaac Hayes left the show shortly before that.


Veronica Crabtree


Voiced By: Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza J. Schneider

Veronica Crabtree used to be the main school bus driver for South Park Elementary. Although she was never really given any large speaking roles, she was a popular background character.

She was clearly mentally unstable and had anger issues, constantly yelling at the children to be quiet. In Season Eight, the left-hand murderers (Michael Deets) killed her.



Satan from South Park sitting at library table with boys.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

Satan played a prominent role from Season One up to Season 22. He was the ruler of Hell, a homosexual, and much more vulnerable and compassionate than you would think—though he does his best to appear intimidating to others.

He was in a relationship with Saddam Hussein, but later dated a man named Chris. Additionally, he has a son named Damien.

ManBearPig killed Satan, who then ascended to Heaven.


Tenorman’s Parents


Voiced By: Trey Parker (Jack Tenorman), Eliza J. Schneider (Mrs. Tenorman)

Jack Tenorman and Mrs. Tenorman were the parents of Scott Tenorman, who was Eric Cartman’s main rival in South Park.

While they didn’t see a lot of airtime, they fell victim to one of Cartman’s cruel and wicked plans to embarrass and humiliate Scott.

In Season Five, Cartman murdered both Jack and Mrs. Tenorman. He cooked their remains in a chili, then served it to Scott. It was later revealed that Jack Tenorman was Cartman’s father, as well.


Mitch Conner

Cartman's hand with lipstick and a black eye drawn on as Mitch Conner portraying Jennifer Lopez.

Voiced By: Trey Parker

An Army veteran born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Mitch Conner—Eric Cartman’s left hand with a face painted on it—posed for a while as Jennifer Lopez, pronounced “Hennifer.”

Mitch Conner disappears at the end of every episode featuring him, leaving many to wonder if he will return.




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