The Best Bob’s Burgers Musical Episodes

From left to right: Gene, Louise, and Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers, looking down with purple background.

Some animated series like South Park and The Simpsons do feature musicals, but very few animated series infuse musical elements into their plots with as much comedic flair and genuine catchiness as Bob’s Burgers.

While spotlight-loving Gene and mom Linda frequently break out into song (or fart-sound keyboarding), the episodes with full-fledged musical numbers are true standouts.

Here are the best Bob’s Burgers musical episodes, according to a poll in the Bob’s Burgers Fan Club Facebook group.




Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 3

After annoying a mall Santa out of his massage chair, Louise worries that she, Tina, and Gene will be put on the naughty list and receive coal for Christmas.

With Louise’s wit, Gene’s musical stylings, and Tina’s reluctant participation, the three Belcher kids set out to kill Santa with kindness.

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Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town – Parts 1 and 2)

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 3

In this suspenseful two-parter, Felix Fischoeder (“the other Fischoeder”) convinces Bob to persuade landlord Calvin Fischoeder into selling Wonder Wharf so it can be replaced with condos.

When Mr. Fischoeder decides not to sell, he and Bob are taken hostage, and it’s up to Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise to save the two men before it’s too late.

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Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 4

Bob feels like a failure and sees a chance to redeem himself by catering the wedding of a couple who had their first date at Bob’s Burgers three months prior. Linda, ever the hopeless romantic, feels it’s too soon for the couple to get married, but she agrees to help.

A disastrous wedding and red velvet cake nearly break Bob, but Linda is intent on turning things around for everyone.

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Purple Rain-union

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 5

Linda is asked to perform at her reunion with her old high school band, but now-famous rival band Bad Hair Day shows up at the last minute to kill her confidence.

Since Bob’s busy partying with his pimple, Linda gets a pep-talk from an unexpected source.

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Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 7

Bob doesn’t want to be just a man with raw hamburger under his nails; he wants to be a man with raw hamburger and dirt under his nails.

After securing a plot in the community garden by hiring Louise’s archenemy, Logan, Bob must choose between his sweet peas and his sweet pea, Louise.

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Lindapendent Woman

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 8

For a disco minute, Linda gets hired at a popular discount grocery store to help keep the family’s heads above water.

She and Bob must figure out if it’s worth her working outside of the family business to keep the lights on, and the kids have to choose between the restaurant and the grocery store.

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Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 8

Popular boy band Boyz 4 Now is holding auditions to replace their fourth member, Boo Boo, who recently went solo.

Boy-crazy Tina sets out to prove to her family that she’s not boy-crazy and has found the love of her life, who happens to be auditioning to be the fourth boy.

Meanwhile, the other Belchers have agreed to babysit a baby rat for Teddy the handyman.

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Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 12

Poor little Louise gets the flu, and her family accidentally melts her favorite toy and doodie buddy, Kuchi Kopi. Over the course of her fever dreams, can Louise find it in her heart to forgive her family?

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Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 20

When Courtney is selected to produce the school play and chooses to do Working Girl: The Musical, “the sassy sister film to Die Hard,” Gene decides to do Die Hard: The Musical the same night in the school’s boiler room.

An errant shoulder pad forces Mr. Frond to shut both productions down, but the kids decide the show(s) must go on.

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Glued: Where’s My Bob?

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 49

Lovable celebrity chef Skip Marooch pulls some strings and gets Bob a feature article in Coasters magazine.

However, the kids are in the middle of an epic gloop battle and Bob becomes an unintended casualty.

We all know that if Gene had pooped like every day, this would have all just blown away.

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Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 59

Louise’s science fair project is destroyed by the Thomas Edison-obsessed substitute science teacher, Mr. Dinkler, and she’s hellbent on getting revenge.

With Teddy’s help, the sparks fly as Louse fights to tell the true story of the elephant’s fate through a skit featuring Gene as Edison and Tina as Topsy,

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The Bleakening, Parts I and II

Bob’s Burgers Fan-Club votes: 67

This two-parter was voted the best out of all the Bob’s Burgers musical episodes.  When Linda’s mini Christmas tree—decked out in her favorite ornaments from the kids—is stolen, she and Bob set out to find the thief.

Meanwhile, the kids go after the Bleaken, the anti-Santa creature that steals kids’ toys.

Can the Belchers find the tree thief and stop the Bleaken from ruining Christmas?

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Bob’s Burgers isn’t afraid to explore every weird tangent imaginable. The writers know their characters well, which allows for wild plotlines, a broad and colorful cast—and, yes, irresistible musical numbers. For the kids that grew up with some of the greatest cartoons in the 2000s, Bob’s Burgers is definitely worth getting into as it can be considered among the best cartoons in the 2010s.

Not only are these the best Bob’s Burgers musical episodes, but some might just be the best episodes, period.


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