Best Shops for Dungeons and Dragons Merchandise

Several D20 dice scattered on a tabletop near some Dungeons & Dragons guidebooks, all producing heavy shadows from unseen light source.

With all of the interest around Dungeons & Dragons, it should come as no surprise that so many stores sell merchandise from popular shows and accessories for the game. 

While the only things you need are dice, a notepad, and a pencil, plenty of people get a kick out of augmenting their sessions with fun stuff like dice trays, mood lighting, dice bags, miniature figurines of their characters, and much more. These shops offer creative and unique additions to your D&D collection, across a range of budgets and specialties. 


Critical Role

People who enjoy the hit show Critical Role should check out their official merchandise store. They sell everything from dice sets themed around their characters, to T-shirts and adorable pins—and even maps of DM Matthew Mercer’s world, Exandria. Around the winter holidays, they feature wrapping paper, washi tape, and ornaments from their campaigns. 

Critical Role often teams up with other stores like Wyrmwood Gaming (see below) to create specialty miniatures, dice trays, dice vaults, puzzles, and books and comics showing the origin stories for some of their most popular characters. 


Wyrmwood Gaming

Wyrmwood Gaming's high variance dice set. Featuring many different colors
Photo credit: High Variance Dice Set via Wyrmwood Gaming.

Wyrmwood Gaming is a classy woodworking company that produces dice towers, dice trays, and even gaming tables. Their gaming table has a top that can be removed for game night, then covered so you can have a functioning table the rest of the week. 

They also sell dice vaults and miniature vaults so that you can securely store everything in an attractive wooden box, and even make dice from resin and gemstones—perfect to roll when your character needs to make that saving throw or roll damage for a critical hit. 


Death Saves

Official D&D Raistlin poster via Death Saves
Photo credit: Official D&D collaboration Raistlin poster via Death Saves.

Death Saves is where Dungeons & Dragons meet heavy metal clothing designs. They’ve got everything from comfy hoodies to rocking tees—including adorably punk slippers, face masks, mugs, phone covers, and mind flayer jewelry, so everyone will know that unfathomably horrific creatures from another realm are telepathically controlling you. 


Not Another Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Cover for "Not Another D&D Podcast"

Like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, Not Another Dungeons and Dragons (or Naddpod to its fans) has a merchandise store for hardcore fans who want to celebrate their love for the players. 

The shop features fun accessories like mugs, beer steins, shot glasses, pin sets, posters, hats, and sweatshirts. They frequently release new items based on their show’s current events, so you should always check back to see what’s new.


The Adventure Zone

Cover Art for "The Adventure Zone" podcast

The most popular D&D show made up entirely of family members, this shop offers plenty of interesting accessories and clothing based on memorable characters from their campaigns. 

Check out enamel pins commemorating their bonding experiences through D&D, as well as the phenomenal adventures they’ve brought to their audience. 



Dungeons & Dragons Sylvan GuardiansWoodland Dwellers species. D&D miniature game pieces.
Photo credit: @HeroForgeMinis via Twitter created on HeroForge.

Heroforge is a custom online miniature maker. Build any kind of character and order it to be 3D-printed, and your creation will be shipped right to you. 

The shop continuously releases new improvements such as items, weapons, mounts, races, and outfits. Your unique mini can either be metal or plastic, depending on your preference. 

Heroforge also offers a service that will paint the mini so that you can see your gorgeous character in full technicolor—no artistic DIY skills required. 



Dungeons and Dragons miniature game pieces from reapermini
Photo credit: Painted by @IDrawCaraLines via Twitter, Minis from ReaperMini

Though D&D is mainly played out in the theater of the mind, combat requires more precise movements. It can be challenging to keep track of everything without a board to look at. Like Heroforge, ReaperMini is a fantastic place to find all of the miniatures a sophisticated DM needs to represent the enemies on their board. 

ReaperMini also sells painting kits, so you can learn to paint your minis or background set pieces for the game board yourself. 


Cantrip Candles

A Walk in the Woods Candle from Cantrip Candle. 100% soy candle in a tin can upon a wood table.
Photo credit: A Walk in the Woods via Cantrip Candles

DMs and players alike enjoy creating a fitting atmosphere for their sessions, and what better way to do it than with lovely scented candles? 

Cantrip Candles offers candles that encapsulate the mood for various common settings in the game, like Den of Thieves or Stonemoss Chapel. Their larger-sized candles also have hidden d20s inside that you discover as you burn away the candle. In case you’re wondering, they are metal and have a good weight for rolling crucial saving throws. 

Fun fact: if you get a natural 20 in the candle, it’s a sign of good luck!


Firelight Fables

Adventurer's Collection from Firelight Fables Candles
Photo credit: Adventurer’s Collection via Firelight Fables.

An alternative to Cantrip Candles, Firelight Fables has an extensive collection of candles that are themed around particular classes and characters. They might inspire you—and provide reading light—to sit down with your character sheet one night and find the perfect new spell for your sorcerer to level up. 

Firelight Fables also have candles representing standard settings in roleplaying games, such as Mystical Apothecary and Frosted Vales. 

You never have to worry about trying to adequately describe the complicated scents inside your dungeon when you have a fragrant, well-crafted candle burning.


Sugar and Dice Crafts

Red polyhedral game piece dice made from sugar
Photo credit: Made by Sugar and Dice via Etsy.

As the name suggests, Sugar and Dice offer polyhedral dice that are made of sugar and entirely edible. Did you roll a natural one at a crucial moment? Well, suffer that unruly die no longer and simply eat the offender! 

The edible dice look just like normal plastic ones, so you can baffle—and maybe alarm—your friends if you don’t tell them about your purchase beforehand. A sugar rush never hurts, either. 


Bugbear Bubbles

Lime scented soap from Bugbear Bubbles. Contains randomly selected dice
Photo credit: Lime Scent via Bugbear Bubbles.

Bugbear Bubbles are the fine makers of Dungeons & Dragons-themed soaps. They got their start with the Gelatinous Cube soap, and have since moved on to creating large, delightfully-scented bars shaped like d20s. 

In a time when hygiene and D&D have risen to unprecedented fame, Bugbear Bubbles is on the ball, making sure that everyone is staying healthy while they enjoy their games. 

Act soon, because they tend to sell out of their best products quickly.

Die Hard Dice

Die Hard Dice. Hand-painted polyhedral metal dice
Photo credit: Warlock-inspired Mythica Spellbinder Nightfall via Die Hard Dice.

Of course, most stores that cater to Dungeons & Dragons players revolve around making unique and interesting dice. Die Hard Dice prides itself on making dice sets themed around character classes. 

They sell both resin and metallic dice, so you can pick a set that works for your budget. Each is lovingly hand-painted and lets the color scheme really shine. 


Dice Envy

Die Hard Dice. Hand-painted polyhedral metal dice
Photo credit: Alpha dice set via Dice Envy.

Dice Envy is another store offering top-quality dice for all tabletop gamers. They provide regular resin dice as well as sets made of metal, wood, or even stone. Whatever you think feels excellent in your hand, you can certainly find it on their online store. 

They even sell mystery bags, or a pound of dice containing an expertly chosen, totally random assortment. If you’re a true dice fiend, you’ll be pleased no matter what you find inside. 

Dice Envy also offers dice bags to store your prodigious hoard, and handy combat trackers to make battle run smoother in games. 


Level Up Dice

Topaz precious stone polyhedral dice from Level Up Dice
Photo credit: Topaz dice via Level Up Dice.

Level Up Dice is your source for luxury dice sets. If you prefer having lots of dice at lower prices, this likely isn’t the shop for you. However, they sell premium sets of dice carved from gemstones, high-quality aluminum, crystal, wood, and even bone.

They also have specialty dice, such as their Unicorn Horn sets or Stealth dice, which can only be read under blacklight. Leave your players in suspense until you turn on the blacklight and reveal the outcome of a pivotal roll. 


Norse Foundry

Set of metal polyhedral dice from Norse Foundry
Photo credit: Doppelganger metal dice set via Norse Foundry.

Norse Foundry offers standard, luxury, or specialty dice, as well as exciting accessories like dice vaults, dice cages (for naughty dice), dice towers, hex chests, and hollow wooden spell books to fill with your favorite dice. 

You can buy complete dice sets, individual d20s, and giant d20s—when you need to add some extra oomph to your rolls. 


Dwarven Forge

Look no further than Dwarven Forge if you want to present your players with premium terrain for epic battles. They sell painted and unpainted terrain, buildings, and sets. All are made of dwarvenite, the shop’s patented, indestructible material. 

Parts are hand-sculpted and hand-painted for precision, and you can upgrade with special effects such as light panels, LED torches, glowing crystals, and puzzle tiles. 

Pieces and tiles are easy to mix and match, too—so you can create the perfect customized environment, no matter where your players venture. 


Elderwood Academy

Opalite polyhedral dice set in a purpleheart wood hex box
Photo credit: Opalite Phoenix set via Elderwood Academy.

Elderwood Academy has quite a few dice sets made from semiprecious gemstones featuring their signature phoenix on the highest side. They also have alloy dice made from different metals to best represent your character. 

Check out their mini dice, almost half the size of the standard, for more affordable options—though they are harder to read. 

This shop also has beautiful spellbook boxes for your dice and leather scroll trays, along with dice towers, dice trays, and dice vaults.



Initiative tracker for Dungeons & Dragons RPG
Photo credit: D&D Initiative Tracker via CZYY.

CZYY is a must-shop store when you want props for your game. Many people will just play with dice and their minis on a board, but plenty of gamers enjoy the showmanship of bringing props to the table to help them act out certain scenes. 

One of the best items is an initiative tracker, which lets you stack the characters’ names in order of their initiative so that DMs don’t have to waste time remembering whose turn it is during combat. 

CZYY also carries fun time-out chairs for misbehaving dice, dice chests that look like mimics, and condition rings to mark characters with status effects. 


Atomic Empire

Speedpaint: Mega Set The Army Painter on Atomic Empire
Photo credit: Speedpaint: Mega Set via Atomic Empire.

Atomic Empire carries a wide range of painting supplies for budding miniature and terrain artists. They sell individual paints, painting sets, plastic glue, and paintbrush sets—as well as battle mats, dice trays, an assortment of dice, mat markers, and everything you need to have a creatively fun time setting up epic battles for your players. 


Cardking Pro

Green Immense Dice bag with pockets and padded base via CardKing Pro
Photo credit: Green Immense Dice Bag via CardKing Pro.

Despite the card-based name, this store is one of the go-to places for dice bags. And not just any dice bags, but premium dice bags meant for people with enormous hoards of dice to store. 

These massive bags have seven internal pouches to keep your dice separate by color, theme, material, or even shape. 

Each features a broad and padded base, so you can open the bag up and see what’s inside instead of fishing around blindly. 



Whether you’re looking to upgrade your own campaigns or trying to hunt down the perfect gifts for gamers, these online shops offer unique and high-quality Dungeons and Dragons merchandise you just won’t find in big box stores. 

As a bonus, most are small businesses run by players, for players—so you can feel good about your purchase from checkout to unboxing. 

Now that you’re ready to order all these great things, you’ve got to have a better understanding of the game. For some great references, be sure to look at the complete beginner’s guide to D&D, all the classes in D&D, or the best feats possible.

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