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Sid Haig - High on the Hog

Fans of Rob Zombie movies know him as Captain Spaulding.  Classic TV fans may recognize him from Jason of Star Command or Mission: Impossible.  However, with 147 acting credits to his name on IMDb, Sid Haig has worn many different hats—from being a film producer like Scorsese to an actor alongside Trejo.

From portraying cowboy gang leader Ruben in Black Mama, White Mama (the guilty pleasure blaxploitation and sexploitation romp starring Pam Grier and Margaret Markov), to a three-episode stint as Bob on the girl-centric 80s sitcom Just the Ten of Us, Sid’s done it all.  And, along the way, he’s captured the hearts and tickled the funny bones of many.

Below are 7 of the best Sid Haig movies for longtime and new fans to enjoy, whether he’s the star or simply makes an appearance.


Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Favorite Sid Quote:  “This is not the time for womanly imaginings.”

Sid Screen Time:  First five minutes

This indie western/horror film, written and directed by S. Craig Zahler, stars Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, and Matthew Fox.

In this genre-bender, Sheriff Hunt (Russell) leads his unsuspecting posse on a search-and-rescue mission for two people taken by a cannibalistic indigenous clan.  While slow-paced and more western than horror, Bone Tomahawk has its fair share of blood and realistic gore during the second half. That’s when things start to get interesting.

Check it out on IMDb here.


The Penny Dreadful Picture Show (2013)

Favorite Sid Quote:  “Rusty!”

Sid Screen Time: Final story, “The Slaughter House”

This horror anthology film was written and directed by Nick Everhart, Leigh Scott, and Eliza Swenson.  It didn’t get much love from Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s nonetheless a fun little movie like some of these Christmas horror movies.

A lonely undead girl, Penny Dreadful (Swenson), lives in an abandoned movie theater.  She tries her luck at online dating in the hopes of finding true love.

During this quest, audiences witness three horror shorts: “Slash-in-the-Box,” “The Morning After,” and “The Slaughter House.”

Check it out on IMDb here.


Kill Bill:  Vol. 2 (2004)

Favorite Sid Quote:  “Budd, Larry’d like a word with you.”

Sid Screen Time:  Bartender of the My Oh My strip club, where Budd works

This is the second act of the epic Tarantino masterpiece that is Kill Bill.

While the first act focuses heavily on superbly choreographed martial arts (including plenty of blood and gore), Volume 2 slows things down a bit. It builds to the final showdown between Bill (David Carradine) and the Bride (Uma Thurman).

This revenge film pays homage to grindhouse, martial arts/samurai, blaxploitation, and spaghetti western cinema.  The final scene with Bill and the Bride makes watching both volumes of this movie undoubtedly worth the watch.

Check it out on IMDb here.


The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

Favorite Sid Quote:  “What’s the matter kid, don’t you like clowns?  Why? Don’t we make ya laugh? Aren’t we f**kin’ funny?”

The Devil’s Rejects is a Rob Zombie fan favorite, and quite different from the psychedelic, cartoonish presentation of Zombie’s debut film, House of 1,000 Corpses.

Sid reprises his role as Captain Spaulding, and the Fireflys outsmart, outrun, and kill anyone in their path.  It definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Check it out on IMDb here


House of 1,000 Corpses (2003)

Favorite Sid Quote:  “Most of all, don’t forget to take home some of my tasty fried chicken!  It just tastes so damn good!”

House of 1,000 Corpses is Rob Zombie’s debut feature film. It’s truly a “love it or hate it” film, either hailed as a piece of cinematic art…or a pile of cinematic garbage, depending on who you ask.

Rob himself isn’t too fond of the film, but fans of any and all Sid Haig movies disagree. This flick introduces us to Captain Spaulding.  Hard to dislike and extremely quotable, the grease-painted, fried-chicken-loving clown more than compensates for the film’s failings.

On a cross-country trip to write a book about exciting roadside attractions, a group of teens is kidnapped and tortured by the Firefly family.  What happens next will have you watching through your fingers…and/or on the edge of your seat.

Love it or hate it, you won’t forget this movie.  You may find yourself craving some fried chicken, too.

Check it out on IMDb here.


3 From Hell (2019)

Favorite Sid Quote:  “Do I Stutter?”

Sid Screen Time:  Beginning, in the form of an interview on Death Row

Like the other two Firefly films, Zombie fans are divided on this one. Some love it, some outright despise it…and some like it, but consistently rate it the lowest of the three.

Otis Driftwood, Baby Firefly, and Captain Spaulding are locked up for ten years, now the stars of a documentary. Audiences learn how a decade behind bars (which long stints in solitary) treated the trio.

Additionally, a new member of the Firefly family is introduced: Foxy Coltrane, Otis and Baby’s crazy half-brother, portrayed memorably by Richard Brake. Also, Rondo, portrayed by fan favorite Danny Trejo returns for this movie.

When the trio breaks out of prison, the real fun begins!

Check it out on IMDb here.


Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told (1967)

This dark comedy is written and directed by Jack Hill and includes Lon Chaney, Jr., and Beverly Washburn. Sid’s character is mute, but his childish demeanor is charming and delightful.

Bruno (Chaney, Jr.) is a chauffeur who takes care of his late employer’s three orphaned children; Ralph, Virginia, and Elizabeth.  The children suffer from a regressive genetic condition known as Merrye Syndrome, named after themselves.

This disease starts in early puberty and causes them to regress mentally, socially, and physically, until only the most animalistic instincts and traits remain…including murder.

When distant family members come to claim the property, Bruno must find a way to maintain control of the children and convince his guests he’s a suitable guardian.

Check it out on IMDb here.




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