Best Rap Freestyles with Videos

Here’s a list of the best rap freestyles performed live, on the radio, with video. The list includes jams by Mac Miller, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and others.

Freestyle rap artist Joey Bada$$ with red headphones sitting in a radio booth with a mic.

This is a list of the dopest radio rap freestyles around. Most of these aren’t really freestyles, but bars the rappers brought along. Some of these verses even appear on albums, but these rappers still killed their radio performances.




Childish Gambino’s Freestyle on Rosenberg on HOT97


This is one of the top rap freestyles on the list. These verses appear nowhere else in Gambino’s catalogue. In this Rosenberg appearance, Gambino raps over HS87’s “Grindin’ My Whole Life”.

To fully appreciate the lyrics, check out the Rap Genius page for this song.


Kendrick Lamar’s Freestyle on FunkMaster Flex on HOT97


Kendrick Lamar shows off his skills in this one, making it clear why he’s one of the hottest rappers in the game. The song Kendrick raps over is The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Who Shot Ya?”.

We know Kendrick spits it too fast to digest in one go, so check out’s breakdown of these lyrics.


Mac Miller’s Freestyle on FunkMaster Flex on HOT97


This is one of the best Mac Miller rap freestyles, even though it technically isn’t a freestyle.

The first half of this comes from Mac’s feature appearance on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Nebraska”, while the second half comes from the song “Claymation” on Mac’s full-length album Watching Movies with The Sound Off.


Joey Bada$$ on L.A. Leakers on Power 106


Chris Webby on Sway


Logic on Sway in the Morning (5 Fingers of Death)

This freestyle by Logic was just before he became one of the mainstream rap giants that he is today. Nevertheless, this freestyle really shows the flow and raw talent that he has.


Lil Dicky on The Hot Seat w/ DJ Greg Nitty

Dave Burd, otherwise known as Lil Dicky, showcases the flow and overall chill vibe that he brings to the table. Lil Dicky has got to be one of the best rapper to just sit back, relax, and smoke out to.


Lil Dicky on Sway in the Morning

Chris Webby on Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed


The 2nd Webby “freestyle” on this list. This is from 2019. Webby’s still got it.


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