List of Chipotle Hacks

List of Menu Hacks and Secrets for Chipotle Mexican Grill

Since the early days of Chipotle, there have been ways to get “extra” from this amazing restaurant.

#1. Extra Meat

By asking for “half-and-half” with two different meats on your entree, you usually end up getting at least 25% more meat than if you’d stuck to one type. Half chicken / half barbacoa is our favorite.


#2. Stirred Up Burrito

Once all of the ingredients have been added to your burrito, you can ask the server to mix up all the ingredients within the tortilla before rolling it up. This is nice if you prefer a consistency of flavors throughout your burrito.


#3. Quesarito

At the quieter Chipotle locations that don’t have as much foot traffic as a New York or Los Angeles location, you can usually ask to server to line the tortilla with cheese before heating it up. They can then build the burrito on top of a layer of cheese which is really quite delicious. Rumor has it that some Chipotle restaurants are now charging extra for this. It’s always worth asking if they’ll do it for free, and it’s sometimes worth paying for too.


#4. Extra Everything

Besides the meat and guacamole, you can literally ask your server for “more” of any ingredient that’s going into your burrito, bowl, salad, or nachos. They won’t charge extra either. This isn’t really a secret, but something that some are unaware of. You should never feel that your portions are too small at Chipotle.

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