Best Rap Songs To Listen To While Smoking Weed

So much good music out there. Here we’ve curated some of the chillest songs to spark up to. Most of these jams come with vibey beats and mellow lyrics.

Rap music and smoking weed go hand-in-hand. This page is a list of some of the sweetest rap songs for smoking weed.


“Nikes on My Feet” by Mac Miller

This Mac Miller song comes from one of his early mixtapes, K.I.D.S. (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit), released in August 2010. This is one of Mac’s first real stoner jams, and the music video only reinforces that. The music video actually includes an intro which uses the title track from Mac’s previous mixtape, “The High Life.”

“93 ’til Infinity” by Souls of Mischief


“Kush” by Lil’ Wayne

“Kush” is a weed jam about smoking weed, and there’s no mistaking it. This track comes off of Weezy’s The Leak E.P., released after a leaked tracks made for Tha Carter 3 began to circulate. Well the E.P. is just as dope as C3, and “Kush” is a mellow one that will keep your mood right while you puff.


“Fade Away” by Logic


“Fight The Feeling” by Mac Miller featuring Kendrick Lamar

This song by Mac Miller is on his 2012 mixtape Macadelic and embodies some of Mac’s chillest weed-rap vibes. One of the best lesser-known jams from an incredibly prolific and tragically short career (R.I.P. Mac… we’ll smoke many in your honor; thanks for the great music and the positive impact you had).

Be careful bumping this – it closes with about 30 seconds of erotic female moans. Maybe not how most of us would have written it up, but how many of us have written a song this dope?

Credit RoxWeld for the sick video:


“Infinite” by Sweatshop Union

Sweatshop Union is a rap group out of Vancouver, Canada. Forming in the year 2000, these guys produced a number of vibey underground rap albums. They’ve always pushed a positive message and steered clear of misogyny, though they definitely support recreational drug-use (also see the song “L.A.M.M.”).

This band put out a number of great great smoking jams along the way. “Infinite”, off of their 7th studio album, also called Infinite, is one of the chillest:


“YAH.” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar makes another appearance on this list with a chill track and some real lyrics. DAMN. is one of the best rap albums to come out in 2017 and should hold rank for years to come.


“Spent All My Money…” by MOD SUN featuring blackbear

This song is dope.


“New Faces v2” by Mac Miller featuring Earl Sweatshirt & Da$h


“Nebraska” by Earl Sweatshirt featuring Mac Miller and Vince Staples

This is one of our favorite rap songs for smoking weed because it features 3 of our favorite rappers. Mac, Vince, and Earl put together a dope track here, even though it never made it onto any full-length albums.


“Marijuana Plants on Saturn” by Mac Lethal



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