Kanye West Full Discography (Albums, Mixtapes, Singles, Features)

Fan art of Kanye west, composite collage with pink splatters, abstract art, and music sheets.

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Love him or hate him, no one can deny that Kanye West is a musical genius somehow fully rooted in his time, while reaching far beyond.  The rapper-producer creates hit after hit, and he’s every bit as influential to hip-hop as his infamous ego claims.

Here is the complete discography of Kanye West, including all albums, mixtapes, singles, and features, in chronological order.






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  • “Through the Wire” (2003)
  • “All Falls Down” featuring Syleena Johnson (2004)
  • “Jesus Walks” (2004)
  • “The New Workout Plan” (2004)
  • “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” (2005)
  • “Gold Digger” featuring Jaime Fox (2005)
  • “Heard ‘Em Say” featuring Adam Levine (2005)
  • “Touch The Sky” featuring Lupe Fiasco (2006)
  • “Impossible” featuring Twista, Keyshia Cole, and BJ (2006)
  • “Drive Slow” featuring Paul Wall and GLC (2006)
  • “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)” with KRS-One, featuring Nas, and Rakim (2007)
  • “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” (2007)
  • “Stronger” (2007)
  • “Good Life” featuring T-Pain (2007)
  • “Flashing Lights” featuring Dwele (2007)
  • “Homecoming” featuring Chris Martin (2008)
  • “Love Lockdown” (2008)
  • “Heartless” (2008)
  • “Amazing” featuring Young Jeezy (2009)
  • “Paranoid” featuring Mr. Hudson (2009)
  • “Forever” with Eminem, Drake, and Lil Wayne (2009)
  • “Power” (2010)
  • “Runaway” featuring Pusha T (2010)
  • “Monster” featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver (2010)
  • “All of the Lights” featuring Rihanna (2010)
  • “Christmas in Harlem” featuring Cyhi the Prynce, and Teyana Taylor (2010)
  • “H.A.M” with Jay-Z (2011)
  • “Otis” with Jay-Z, featuring Otis Redding (2011)


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Singles (cont’d.)

  • “Lift Off” with Jay-Z, featuring Beyoncé (2011)
  • “Niggas in Paris” with Jay-Z (2011)
  • “Why I Love You” with Jay-Z, featuring Mr. Hudson (2011)
  • “Gotta Have It” with Jay-Z (2011)
  • “No Church in the Wild” with Jay-Z, featuring Frank Ocean (2012)
  • “Mercy” with Big Sean, Push T, and 2 Chainz (2012)
  • “Cold” featuring DJ Khaled (2012)
  • “New God Flow” with Pusha T (2012)
  • “Clique” with Jay-Z, and Big Sean (2012)
  • “Black Skinhead” (2013)
  • “Bound 2” (2013)
  • “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney (2014)
  • “FourFiveSeconds” with Rihanna and Paul McCartney (2015)
  • “All Day” featuring Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom, and Paul McCartney (2015)
  • “Famous” (2016)
  • “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt.1 (2016)
  • “Pt. 2” (2016)
  • “Champions” with Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Quavo, and Desiigner (2016)
  • “Fade” (2016)
  • “Lift Yourself” (2018)
  • “Ye vs. the People” featuring T.I. (2018)
  • “Yikes” (2018)
  • “All Mine” (2018)
  • “XTCY” (2018)
  • “I Love It” with Lil Pump (2018)
  • “Follow God” (2019)
  • “Closed on Sunday” (2019)
  • “Wash Us in the Blood” featuring Travis Scott (2020)
  • “Nah Nah Nah” (Remix) featuring Dababy and 2 Chainz (2020)


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  • “Welcome 2 Chicago” by Abstract Mindstate (2001)
  • “Get By” (Remix) by Talib Kweli also featuring Jay-Z, Mos Def, and Busta Rhymes (2003)
  • “Slow Jamz” by Twista also featuring Jaime Foxx (2003)
  • “This Way” by Dilated Peoples (2004)
  • “Talk About Our Love” by Brandy (2004)
  • “Hold On” (Remix) by Dwele (2004)
  • “Higher” by Do or Die (2004)
  • “The Food” by Common also featuring DJ Dummy (2004)
  • “Selfish” by Slum Village also featuring John Legend (2004)
  • “I Changed My Mind” by Keyshia Cole also featuring Consequence (2004)
  • “Real Love” by Rell also featuring Consequence (2004)
  • “Down and Out” by Cam’ron also featuring Syleena Johnson (2005)
  • “The Corner” by Common also featuring The Last Poets (2005)
  • “Pusha Man” by Bump J (2005)
  • “Go!” by Common also featuring John Mayer (2005)
  • “Wouldn’t You Like to Ride” by Malik Yusef also featuring Common (2005)
  • “Number One” by John Legend (2005)
  • “Extravaganza” by Jaime Foxx (2005)
  • “Brand New” by Rhymefest (2005)
  • “Back Like That” (Remix) by Ghostface Killah also featuring Ne-Yo (2006)
  • “Grammy Family” by DJ Khaled also featuring Consequence and John Legend (2006)
  • “Number One” by Pharell (2006)
  • “Wouldn’t Get Far” by The Game (2007)
  • “I Still Love H.E.R.” by Teriyaki Boyz (2007)
  • “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” (Remix) by Fall Out Boy (2007)
  • “Because of You” (Remix) by Ne-Yo (2007)
  • “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” (Remix) by T-Pain (2007)
  • “Anything” by Patti Labelle also featuring Consequence, and Mary Mary (2007)
  • “Pro Nails” by Kid Sister (2007)
  • “Finer Things” by DJ Felli Fel also featuring Jermaine Dupri, Fabolous, and Ne-Yo (2008)
  • “American Boy” by Estelle (2008)
  • “Lollipop” (Remix) by Lil Wayne also featuring Static Major (2008)
  • “Put On” by Young Jeezy (2008)
  • “Everybody” by Fonzworth Bentley also featuring Andre 3000 (2008)
  • “Plastic” by Really Doe (2008)
  • “Stay Up! (Viagra)” by 88-Keys (2008)
  • “Swagga Like Us” by Jay-Z and T.I. also featuring Lil Wayne (2008)
  • “Go Hard” by DJ Khaled also featuring T-Pain (2008)


Kanye West fan art depicting the rapper performing amidst abstract blue fog.
Image Credit: p0m on Deviant Art


Features (cont’d)

  • “What It Is” by Sophia Fresh (2008)
  • “The Big Screen” by GLC (2009)
  • “Knock You Down” by Ken Wilson also featuring Ne-Yo (2009)
  • “Kinda Like a Big Deal” by Clipse (2009)
  • “Walkin’ on the Moon” by The-Dream (2009)
  • “Gifted” by N.A.S.A. also featuring Santigold, and Lykke Li (2009)
  • “Supernova” by Mr. Hudson (2009)
  • “Maybach Music 2” by Rick Ross also featuring T-Pain, and Lil Wayne (2009)
  • “Make Her Say” by Kid Cudi also featuring Common (2009)
  • “Digital Girl” (Remix) by Jaime Foxx also featuring The-Dream, and Drake (2009)
  • “Run This Town” by Jay-Z also featuring Rihanna (2009)
  • “Whatever You Want” by Consequence also featuring John Legend (2009)
  • “Live Fast, Die Young” by Rick Ross (2010)
  • “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi (2010)
  • “Alors on danse” (Remix) by Stormae also featuring Gilbere Forte (2010)
  • “Deuces” (Remix) by Chris Brown also featuring Drake, and Andre 3000 (2010)
  • “Ayyy Girl” by JYJ also featuring Malik Yusef (2010)
  • “In for the Kill” (Remix) by La Roux (2010)
  • “Start It Up” by Lloyd Banks also featuring Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz, and Fabolous (2010)
  • “Hurricane 2.0” by Thirty Seconds to Mars (2010)
  • “E.T.” by Katy Perry (2011)
  • “Marvin and Chardonnay” by Big Sean also featuring Roscoe Dash (2011)
  • “Amen” by Pusha T also featuring Young Jeezy (2011)
  • “I Wish You Would” by DJ Khaled also featuring Rick Ross (2012)
  • “Pride N Joy” by Fat Joe also featuring Miguel, Jadakiss, Mos Def, DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash, and
  • Busta Rhymes (2012)
  • “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz (2012)
  • “Another You” by The World Famous Tony Williams (2012)
  • “Diamonds” (Remix) by Rihanna (2012)
  • “Scape Goat (The Fix)” by D’banj (2013)
  • “Thank You” by Busta Rhymes also featuring Lil Wayne, and Q-Tip (2013)
  • “I Won” by Future (2014)
  • “Nobody” by Chief Keef (2014)
  • “Blessing” by Big Sean also featuring Drake (2015)
  • “U Mad” by Vic Mensa (2015)
  • “One Man Can Change the World” by Big Sean also featuring John Legend (2015)
  • “Pop Style” by Drake also featuring Jay-Z (2016)
  • “That Part” by Schoolboy Q (2016)
  • “Figure It Out” by French Montana also featuring Nas (2016)
  • “Ballin” by Juicy J (2016)
  • “Timmy Turner” (Remix) by Desiigner (2016)
  • “Castro” by Yo Gotti also featuring Big Sean, Quavo, and 2 Chainz (2016)
  • “Feel Me” by Tyga (2017)
  • “Love Yourself” by Mary J. Blige (2017)
  • “Glow” by Drake (2017)
  • “Watch” by Travis Scott also featuring Lil Uzi Vert (2018)
  • “What Would Meek Do?” by Pusha T (2018)
  • “Take Me to the Light” by Francis and the Lights also featuring Bon Iver (2019)
  • “Ego Death” by Ty Dolla Sign also featuring Skrillex, and FKA Twigs (2020)
  • “Smack DVD” by Saint Jhn (2020)


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Get Well Soon…

Released: December 14, 2002

Album artwork for Get Well Soon by Kanye West featuring the rapper standing in front of graffiti of his album artwork.
Image Credit: RYM

Facts about Get Well Soon

  • This is a 36-track compilation/mixtape, which Kanye West released before his first studio album, The College Dropout.
  • Pre-fame, Kanye was already working with rising star John Legend, whom he met in 2001.
  • Kanye has always had a notorious ego, even before his mainstream success, as demonstrated in the lyric, “Magazines call me a rockstar/ Bitches call me a cock star.” Kanye would reprise that line in Jay-Z’s “The Bounce.”


Popular Songs

  • “Jesus Walks”
  • “03 Bonnie & Clyde”
  • “Two Words”
  • “This Can’t Be Life”




I’m Good…

Released: 2003

Album artwork for I'm Good, young Kanye West standing against gallery frame of logo.
Image Credit: Genius

Facts about I’m Good…

  • Dedicated fans have known Kanye West to recycle his lyrics and beats to give them a new spin. In this mixtape, Kanye freestyles over the beat he made for Jay-Z’s “03 Bonnie & Clyde.”
  • Kanye was in a car accident just before the release of this mixtape. He reported racial profiling by police, and poorly treatment by EMS personnel before his arrival to the hospital.
  • Chance the Rapper says he was greatly influenced by Kanye in his adolescence.  A decade after I’m Good… released, Chance the Rapper sampled its intro in Acid Rap (“Good Ass Intro”).


Popular Songs

  • “Jesus Walks”
  • “Two Words”
  • “Through the Wire”





Welcome To Kanye’s Soul Mix Show

Released: September 6, 2006

Kanye's Soul Mix Show cover, bear mascot deejaying on air in seventies-style radio station.
Image Credit: SoundCloud

Facts about Welcome To Kanye’s Soul Mix Show

  • Kanye West collaborates with DJ and producer A-Trak, renowned for his talent as a remix artist, on tracks like “Heads Will Roll (Remix),” “Ray Ban Vision” from the found footage-style movie Project X, and “Let You Go (A-Trak Remix).”
  • In 2004, Kanye took A-Trak along as his tour DJ. A-Trak’s best known contribution were the scratches he dubbed up for Kanye’s song “Gold Digger.”


Popular Songs

  • “Sinnerman”
  • “Cause I Love You”





Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Released: May 27, 2007

Album cover for Can't Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West, abstract neon design on black background.

Facts about Can’t Tell Me Nothing

  • This mixtape includes various artists signed to G.O.O.D. Music, the label Kanye West owns.
    Additionally, it reveals a few previews of his album Graduation.
  • West says his single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is one of his favorite songs from his own discography.
  • “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was featured in the film The Hangover.


Popular Songs

  • “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
  • “The People by Common”
  • “Stronger [Snippet]”







The College Dropout

Released: February 10, 2004

College Dropout by Kanye West album cover, bear mascot in jeans on wooden school bleachers in a filigree gold frame on maroon brown background.

Facts about The College Dropout

  • West began work on his debut album in 1999; it took over four years to complete.
  • Kanye’s near-fatal car accident in 2002 inspired his hit song, “Through the Wire.”
  • The album title refers to West ending his enrollment at Chicago State University.


Popular Songs

  • “Jesus Walks”
  • “Never Let Me Down”
  • “Through The Wire”
  • “We Don’t Care”




Late Registration

Released: August 30, 2005

Cover artwork for Late Registration by Kanye West, bear mascot entering university hall through heavy ornate doors.

Facts about Late Registration

  • Some songs address society’s corruption, including “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” and “Crack Music.”
  • Kanye was very protective of his mother, and made the song “Hey Moma” to thank her for all she did to protect him in adolescence.
  • “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” is included as both an original and remix.  In the latter, West goes into detail about the use of diamonds to finance war.


Popular Songs

  • “Heard ’Em Say”
  • “Gold Digger”
  • “Hey Mama”
  • “Touch the Sky”




The College Dropout Video Anthology

Released: March 22, 2005

Artwork for College Dropout Video Anthology, collage of images of Kanye West and the bear mascot known from previous albums.

Facts about The College Dropout Video Anthology

  • Actually a DVD release of Kanye’s debut album, this anthology features music videos for all tracks, including unreleased videos for “Through the Wire,” “Slow Jamz,” “All Falls Down,” “Jesus Walks,” and “The New Workout Plan.”
  • Remixed songs include “The New Workout Plan,” “Jesus Walks,” and “It’s Alright.”


Popular Songs

  • “Jesus Walks” (Remix)
  • “Heavy Hitters”


Late Orchestration

Released: April 24, 2006

Facts about Late Orchestration

  • “Live Orchestration” is a live album, derived from Kanye’s first two studio releases.
  • “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Live at Abbey Roads Studios)” is the only track not produced by West.


Popular Songs

  • “Jesus Walks” (Live at Abbey Road Studios)
  • “Gold Digger” (AOL Sessions)



Released: September 11, 2007

Graduation cover artwork, cartoon-style bear mascot rocketing from a stylized school building into orbit.

Facts about Graduation

  • After the success of his first two albums, Kanye was inspired to make Graduation by studio tours, indie rock, and house-music.
  • In the lyrics, Kanye discusses his success, fame, and scrutiny from the media.
  • Kanye’s greatest hit on this album is the track “Stronger.”  Its beat was mixed over 75 times before West was satisfied.


Popular Songs

  • “Stronger”
  • “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
  • “Homecoming”
  • “Good Morning”
  • “Good Life”




808s & Heartbreak

Released: November 24, 2008

808s and Heartbreak album artwork, gray with cartoon hands holding two halves of a broken heart made from deflated balloons.

Facts about 808s & Heartbreak

  • This album illustrates a dark time in Kanye’s personal life.  His mother died in the middle of cosmetic surgery; he had a toxic on-and-off relationship with his former fiancée, Alexis Phifer; and West was struggling to balance mainstream success with his roots.
  • The album is heavily inspired by 80s electro pop.
  • West used the Roland-TR 808 (composing equipment) in his tracks.  The 808, coupled with his personal difficulties, inspired the album title.


Popular Songs

  • “Heartless”
  • “Love Lockdown”
  • “Amazing”





My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Released: November 22, 2010

Cover artwork for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, bright red with a gold framed painting of a black man engaging in intimacy with white angel figure.

Facts about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  • This album goes into Kanye’s dark thoughts and experiences in the entertainment industry during his rough relationship with Amber Rose.
  • It also explores the negative publicity West received after the 2009 VMAs, when he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift during her award acceptance.
  • The cover art for the album, by artist George Condo, is meant to depict Kanye getting straddled by an armless angel.
  • The song “All of the Lights” is about Kanye’s hidden personal struggles such as domestic abuse, separation, and imprisonment.


Popular Songs

  • “Dark Fantasy”
  • “Gorgeous”
  • “POWER”
  • “Runaway”
  • “Blame Game”





VH1 Storytellers: Kanye West

Released: January 5, 2010

Cover artwork for Kanye West VH1 Storytellers featuring a maroon and black image of the rapper with white text overlay.

Facts about VH1 Storytellers: Kanye West

  • VH1 Storytellers is the 2nd live album in West’s discography.  It received generally positive feedback from music critics.
  • Initially, Lupe Fiasco refused the offer to be featured in “Touch the Sky.”
  • At a concert, West explained that “Say You Will” is about an ex-girlfriend he would call on Friday nights, in the hopes of having her come over strictly for sexual intercourse.


Popular Songs

  • “Stronger” (Live From VH1 Storytellers)
  • “Good Life” (Live From VH1 Storytellers)
  • “Touch The Sky” (Live From VH1 Storytellers)



Watch The Throne

Released: August 8, 2011

Cover for Watch the Throne, elaborate gold design.

Facts about Watch The Throne

  • This is West’s debut collaboration studio album.
  • “Niggas in Paris” is about Kanye West and Jay-Z’s experiences in Paris. While there, they felt popularized as a minority, most notably at fashion shows.
  • The song “Gotta Have It” is about the thrills of success, dealing with others’ attempts to steal what’s yours, and criticism of black-on-black violence.


Popular Songs

  • “Otis”
  • “Gotta Have It”
  • “No Church in the Wild”
  • “Niggas in Paris”




Cruel Summer

Released: September 14, 2012

Cruel Summer artwork, stylized as white porcelain or marble with a woman figure serenely closing eyes.

Facts about Cruel Summer

  • In the song “Clique,” Kanye West talks about breaking a record for the amount of Louis Vuitton products he’s bought, Kim Kardashian’s butt becoming famous from her porn tape with Ray J, and expressing his larger aspirations for success.
  • Featured artist Pusha T explained that “New God Flow.1” was directed towards Birdman, due to his his negative comments about G.O.O.D. Music.


Popular Songs

  • “New God Flow.1”
  • “Don’t Like.1”
  • “Mercy”
  • “Clique”





Released: June 13, 2013

Yeezus by Kanye West, album artwork with abstract cartoonish depiction of CD in a clear case.

Facts about Yeezus

  • “Black Skinhead” is about Kanye’s high-and-mighty cockiness, as well as anti-racial matters.
  • The song “Bound 2” is about Kanye’s then-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.  Additionally, it explores West’s negative public image, and how he’s content with his actions.
  • “On Sight,” the introduction song, touches upon West’s anger and depression.


Popular Songs

  • “New Slaves”
  • “Black Skinhead”
  • “New Slaves”
  • “Blood on the Leaves”




The Life Of Pablo

Released: February 14, 2016

The Life of Pablo by Kanye West, album cover in orange and black text with an African American family at a wedding, and a blonde supermodel posing by a pool.

Facts about The Life Of Pablo

  • The Life Of Pablo was originally titled So Help Me God, then changed to SWISH and, later, Waves.
  • During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Kanye West spoke out about the relevance of the album. He explained that it reflected him embracing music, joy, and being at the service of people.


Popular Songs

  • “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt.1”
  • “Famous”
  • “Waves”
  • “Wolves”
  • “Saint Pablo”





Released: June 1, 2018

Album artwork for Ye by Kanye West featuring a photo of a mountain range with small neon green text overlay reading "I hate being bi-polar it's awesome."

Facts about Ye

  • The album expresses Kanye’s life experiences so far in Hollywood, including mental health, addiction, and family matters.
  • West claims its title, Ye, is not in reference to his nickname, but rather inspired by the Bible: it is the most used word in the text, and means “you.”
  • “All Mine” talks about infidelity within society.


Popular Songs

  • “All Mine”
  • “Ghost Town”
  • “Violent Crimes”




Kids See Ghosts

Released: June 8, 2018

Cover artwork for Kids See Ghosts by Kanye West, watercolor depiction of trees against a mountain with ghost-like figures and Japanese text.

Facts about Kids See Ghosts

  • This is a collaboration album between Kanye and his good friend, Kid Cudi.
  • In the song “Reborn,” West and Kid Cudi discuss overcoming their personal affairs, as well as pushing through past mistakes.
  • The duo also covers accidental anal sex, Ric Flair, and Lacoste in the song “4th Dimension.”


Popular Songs

  • “Reborn”
  • “Kids See Ghosts”
  • “Feel the Love”




Jesus is King

Released: October 25, 2019

Vinyl for Jesus is King by Kanye West, vibrant blue with gold serif font.

Facts about Jesus is King

  • This was originally titled Yandi, which was later remade and developed into a gospel album.
  • In the song “Follow God,” Kanye West talks about his struggle to live a religious lifestyle amidst fame and scandal.
  • “Use This Gospel” is a collaboration between Kanye, the rap duo Clipse, and Kenny G. It explores seeking God’s forgiveness and accepting his numerous blessings.


Popular Songs

  • “Closed on Sunday”
  • “Follow God”
  • “Selah”
  • “Use This Gospel”




Jesus Is Born

Released: December 25, 2019

Sunday Service with Kanye West: Jesus is Born album artwork, serene water and bright sunlight inside a vignette surrounded by bright, vibrant blue.

Facts about Jesus Is Born

  • This is a debut studio album for the group Sunday Service Choir, lead by Kanye West.
  • In 2019, Kanye began hosting Sunday Service events, performing gospel versions of his songs off his latest album at the time, Jesus Is King.


Popular Songs

  • “Father Stretch”
  • “Rain”
  • “Weak”




While Kanye West is undeniably polarizing, he’s also got indisputable influence in the hip-hop genre—and, arguably, popular music as a whole.  Kanye West has been as influential to the rap game as Lil Wayne, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.  Between the brilliance and sheer volume of his discography, Kanye West might just deserve that pedestal he places himself upon.


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