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Having exceeded the expectations of the K-pop world for being hands-on with their craft and self-producing their own songs, the lionesses of (G)I-DLE proudly stand out in a sea of other idols.
In this complete guide and discography, learn about the band’s beginnings, their rise to stardom, and the songs that earned (G)I-DLE the title “monster rookies of the year.”

Welcome to Neverland: The Formation of (G)I-DLE

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Like the Lost Boys finding a home in Neverland, these six girls hailing from four different countries found their own version of home with Cube Entertainment. In 2018, the group officially became part of fourth-generation K-pop as G(I)-dle (taken from the phrase “girl idol”).
As revealed by their leader, Soyeon, its meaning is broken into two parts to form a whole: “I” for each individual member, and “dle” (in Hangul: deul) for the plural of “I,” representing the six members coming together.
Right from the start, G(I)-dle showed they were a force to be reckoned with. Their debut EP, I Am, landed #13 on the Gaon Digital Chart and #5 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart a week after its release.

Single “Latata,” debuted at #35 on the Gaon Digital Chart. What’s more, the “Latata” music video garnered a whopping 2.2M views within two days of its release. The track landed the group their first music show win on May 22nd on SBS MTV’s The Show. A month post-debut, they charted #36 on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart.
On August 14th, G(I)-dle made their first comeback with “HANN (Alone),” which topped three of South Korea’s major music charts and debuted at #2 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. The girls received their first win on Show Champion on August 29th.

With all this recognition, it came as no surprise that the girls ended up winning major awards in the first year of their debut including, but not limited to, “Rookie of the Year” at the Asia Artist Awards and Golden Disc Awards (GDAs), and “New Artist of the Year” at the Gaon Chart Music Awards. Both “Latata” and “HANN” also received numerous nominations including Song of the Year at the GDAs.

Their Empire (State of Mind): Rise to Fame

(G)I-dle carried their genius straight into 2019. In February, their second EP, I Made, was released with its lead single “Señorita,” co-penned and co-composed by Soyeon herself. Then, in the latter half of the year, the whole nation sang “Uh-oh,” upon the release of their second digital single.
With their queendom came the expansion of their empire. In July of 2019, the girls performed in New York during the annual KCON convention and music festival. By the end of the month, they made their Japanese debut with the EP Latata.
Come September, following the recognition they received in their first US performance, Cube Entertainment partnered with e2PR and Strategic Communications to expand the group’s international promotions.

In October, (G)I-dle became the headliner at Spotify on Stage in Jakarta, wherein other artists like Rich Brian and Ateez performed.
At Christmas, the group flew to Taiwan to perform their hits for the 2020 Tainan Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party for over 80,000 people.
Apart from their comebacks, the girls participated in the survival show, Queendom, in which they performed reinterpretations of their debut song and 2NE1’s “Fire.” Fans were abuzz with their performance—particularly for Thai member Minnie, who did the intro in “Latata.”
As part of the EP Queendom Final Comeback, they released “Lion,” which peaked at #5 on the World Digital Song Chart. At the end of the show, the queens finished strong at 3rd place with over 10 million views for each of their performances.

Giants: 2020 to Present

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The girls greeted the new year with the announcement of their world tour, I-Land: Who Am I. However, due to the pandemic, activities halted.
As a result, the group diverted their energy into a separate online performance—the profits of which fought against COVID-19—and turned I-Land into an online concert in July. It was the second-highest-selling online concert of the year. In the spring of 2020, their third EP, I Trust, was released with the title track “Oh My God.” Because of Cube’s efforts to expand their territory in the West through Republic Records, I Trust ended up becoming their most pre-ordered EP with over 91, 311 pre-orders and 100,000 physical copies.
The EP also became (G)I-dle’s first #1 domestically and their highest position at #4 on Billboard’s World Albums chart.
“Oh My God” didn’t fall too far from the tree, either: it surpassed 17M views within the first 24 hours and won them four music show awards. The girls proudly entered Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Breakthrough Chart in April as the sole K-pop group featured that month.
In the summer of August 2020, they released “Dumdi Dumdi” along with a single album of the same title. In the wake of the success of “Oh My God,” Dumdi Dumdi made sure to live up to it and became the second best-selling single album by a girl group with over 94,000 sales.
The music video also broke its predecessor’s record, after it surpassed 17.6M views on its first day. Awards-wise, “Dumdi Dumdi” took first place for two weeks on three music shows, garnering the highest number of wins for the girls for a single comeback.

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Giants: 2020 to Present, contd.

In the same month, they made their first Japanese comeback with their second EP, Oh My God, which contained Japanese versions of their title tracks and included a new song, “Tung-Tung,” written and composed by Minnie.
K/DA likewise made a comeback with their first EP, All Out, which included “The Baddest” and “More”—both of which reached #1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales.
Their fourth EP, I Burn, brought the single “Hwaa.” The EP debuted at #1 on the daily album chart and on Gaon Retail Album Chart, and charted on the iTunes Top Album charts in 51 countries across the globe.
All six tracks on I Burn also charted on Melon—a first for the group—solidifying the members’ artistry: especially Soyeon, who wrote or co-wrote all tracks. Through “Hwaa,” (G)I-dle received their first triple crown with 10 music show wins.
By April, the promotional single “Last Dance” came about in collaboration with Universe, a fandom platform developed by NCSoft. The track, co-written by Soyeon and produced by GroovyRoom, peaked at #16 in Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.
In May of that year, the group’s solo activities commenced—beginning with Yuqi, which made her the second member to debut as a soloist following pre-debut Soyeon.
Her deep voice became the talk of the town with her English single album, A Page, which housed two lead singles: “Giant,” co-written by Yuqi herself, and the bold “Bonnie and Clyde.”
Following Yuqi’s debut, Soyeon is set to return as a soloist in July with her first solo EP, Windy.
At present, promotions have begun, and fans are abuzz already with news of her comeback.

The Ladies of (G)I-DLE

Miyeon (January 31, 1997)


A previous YG trainee, Cho Miyeon is the head-turner visual unnie of the group. She joined Cube in 2016 and was the last member to be announced after the company deemed her fit to become the designated Korean main vocalist.
Outside group activities, Miyeon is known for voicing Ahri in K/DA, and for lending her beautiful voice to various OSTs.
This year, she debuted as a radio host in the Naver program, Gossip Idle, and as an MC in M Countdown.

Minnie (October 23, 1997)


Born Yontarak Nicha in Bangkok, Minnie spent her early life studying music at the Grammy Vocal Studio in Thailand. In 2014, she passed the Cube Star World Audition and flew across the sea to fulfil her dreams of becoming an idol.
Upon their debut, Minnie was assigned as the main vocalist of the group alongside her Miyeon-unnie, and has since been praised for her unique voice and contributions to their discography.
Due to their roots, Minnie is known to be close friends with fellow Thai idols like 2PM’s Nichkhun and Blackpink’s Lisa.

Soojin (March 9, 1998)


What group is complete without its main dancer?
Seo Soojin grew up learning jazz dance as per her mother’s wishes. A former trainee of DN Entertainment, she was supposed to debut in the group VIVIDIVA. However, she eventually left the company and joined Cube in 2016, which led to her debut as (G)I-dle’s main dancer.
Soojin is also known for her knack for fashion, and so in 2020 she, along with Minnie, became the hosts of Minnie Soojin’s I’M THE TREND, which premiered through Naver.

Soyeon (August 26, 1998)


Even before her debut, Jeon Soyeon caught people’s attention when she went on the path as a rapper/street dancer, then participated in the survival shows Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar. She went on as a soloist with “Jelly” and “Idle Song” under Cube.
In 2018, she re-debuted with (G)I-dle—a redemption for Soyeon, as she became the group’s leader, main rapper, center, and the eventual primary lyricist-composer-producer.
Soyeon became part of SM Station’s girl group project, Station Young, for the crowd favourite “Wow Thing,” alongside Red Velvet’s Seulgi, GFriend SinB, and Chungha.
Later, she debuted in K/DA with Miyeon. Today, she continues to write for the group with their fire comebacks and is set to return as a soloist in July.

Yuqi (September 23, 1999)


Hailing from the Red Giant, Song Yuqi became part of Cube after she passed the Cube Star World Audition at Beijing. She trained for three years until their debut in 2018, after which she was introduced as the lead dancer, sub-vocalist/sub-rapper, and face of the group.
She has also contributed to their discography just like her unnies! Aside from her cute persona, Yuqi is known for her deep and husky voice, which was accentuated even more in her mysterious solo debut.

Shuhua (January 6, 2000)


Born in the country of Taiwan, Yeh Shuhua first aspired to be an actress but was soon inspired by Wonder Girls’ HyunA.
With support from her family, she attended an art school and auditioned for Cube while accompanying friends. Upon debut, she took on the role of the group’s sub-vocalist and visual maknae, owing to her comely appearance.
Shuhua became close to fellow Taiwanese idol, TWICE’s Tzuyu, through their roots. The two share a close relationship, and sometimes appear in each other’s posts and lives!

Complete Discography


I Am (May 2, 2018)

(G)I-DLE's I Am Album cover art


Breaking into the K-pop scene with charisma that got almost everyone singing I love ya, (G)I-dle joins the fourth generation with their superb and cohesive debut EP, I AM.
Driven by K-pop-tropical-house fusion, the surprising debut EP is led by “Latata.” The boldness in its sound builds up well into the chorus, making for a great title track, and asserts the girls’ introduction by showing who they are and what they came here to do.
“$$$ (Dollar)” surprises with its combination of hip-hop (all hail Soyeon’s rap verse) and playfulness heralded by Miyeon, rendering it as charismatic as “Latata.”
Arguably one of the stronger B-sides, “Maze” gives the listener all the summer feels in its melody, as the girls take listeners in their own maze with the urgency in their vocals.
Maturity is evident in the R&B track “Don’t Text Me,” which delivers a dreamy bedroom synth to match their low-register harmonies.
Another R&B-flavored song is “What’s in Your House.” Unlike its predecessor, this leans more towards the chill-upbeat side of R&B, making it a pleasant drive song.
Ending the EP on a different note is the ballad “Hear Me.” Its raw sound affords calm after a series of high-energy tracks—much like the peaceful home one comes to after a night out.


  • Latata
  • $$$ (Dollar)
  • Maze
  • Don’t Text Me
  • What’s in Your House?
  • Hear Me

I Made (February 26, 2019)

(G)I-DLE's I Made Album cover art

A worthy successor to their debut is I Made. All tracks are written by Soyeon, with track 5 being co-written by Minnie and FlowBlow.
Latin influences, in the form of a tango-style rhythm, forms the very foundation of the lead track “Señorita.” Every bit of a strong comeback, its most memorable parts are the interludes with senorita! being shouted, while brass horns fill the background.
Bringing back the tropics from I Am is the explosive “What’s Your Name,” which uses influences of EDM in its addictive beats.
Ballad “Put It Straight,” a melancholic track, is made even heavier by the expressive vocals. “Give Me Your” then transports the listener to the early 1900s, through a jazz-swing tune that makes every second as cozy as the soft piano.
Sexy is as sexy does, with the mind-blowing and aptly-named “Blow Your Mind.” It begins with sultry and deep vocals by Minnie and Yuqi, and underscores this maturity with high-octave piano and hypnotizing voice samplers. Altogether, it’s a most fitting ending for I Made.


  • Señorita
  • What’s Your Name
  • Put It Straight
  • Give Me Your
  • Blow Your Mind

Latata – Japanese Debut EP (July 29, 2019)

(G)I-DLE's Latata Album Cover art

(G)I-dle expand their queendom all the way to the Land of the Rising Sun through their debut Japanese EP, Latata. The mini album contains five tracks, three of which are Japanese versions of their previous Korean releases, including the hit B-side “Maze”.
The EP also introduces two more songs. Graced by an 80s beat and synths, “Light My Fire” is a bass-magnified track that shines its disco light on all the members. It boasts an up-tempo dance beat that keeps the listener in the middle of the dancefloor.
On the other end of the spectrum, “For You” is a dreamy, lo-fi track co-written by Minnie. It starts with beautiful pianos, then builds up to a more EDM vibe—ultimately returning to the simplicity of its intro.


  • Latata (Japanese Ver.)
  • Light My Fire
  • Maze (Japanese Ver.)
  • For You
  • Hann (Alone) (Japanese Ver.)

I Trust (April 6, 2020)

(G)I-DLE's I Trust Album cover art

Painting themselves in various shades of black, (G)I-dle show they can do anything through their EP, I Trust.
Bells toll with Minnie half-singing some lines in her haunting voice on “Oh My God.” This is soon replaced with their signature tango sound, which brings a steady rise to the climax: the chorus masterfully combines dark themes through a sexy beat drop with Latin style. It ends in the sinister but solid way it began.
A rather unique side of hip-hop is seen with “Luv U,” which brings everything from Soyeon’s rapidfire raps, to Miyeon and Yuqi’s heavenly pre-choruses, to Soojin’s jaw-droppingly sultry saranghae.
“Maybe” is perfectly placed at the center of the album. EDM and bass overpower the track, then the world seemingly stops in its orbit with surprising beat drops.
The second lead track, “Lion,” was originally released as part of the Queendom EP. But because of its haunting sound—which takes inspiration from the lurking mysteries of the jungle—“Lion” perfectly captures the state of being regal, like that of a lioness standing proudly over her territory.
The album ends with a brilliant English version of “Oh My God,” leaving fans wanting more.


  • Oh My God
  • Luv U
  • Maybe
  • Lion
  • Oh My God (English Ver.)

Oh My God – 2nd Japanese EP (August 26, 2020)

(G)I-DLE's Oh My God Album cover art

For their Japanese comeback, (G)I-dle brought in their second EP, Oh My God. Like their debut Japanese EP, this is composed of five tracks—mostly Japanese versions of their Korean title tracks, all the way to “Dumdi Dumdi.”
Lyricist-composer Minnie graces listeners with “Tung-Tung (Empty),” which she co-wrote with fellow member Soyeon.
Like its sister “For You,” the song is a pensive bedroom track that strays from lo-fi and explores an R&B-ballad path. Its calmness highlights all members’ angelic voices, and makes for a great B-side amidst the powerhouse title tracks.


  • Oh My God (Japanese Ver.)
  • Uh-Oh (Japanese Ver.)
  • Senorita (Japanese Ver.)
  • Tung-Tung (Empty)
  • Dumdi Dumdi (Japanese Ver.)

I Burn (January 11, 2021)

(G)I-DLE's I Burn Album Cover Art

(G)I-dle’s fourth mini-album, I Burn, is the epitome of vindication. It begins with the cold despair found in every note in “Hann (Alone in Winter),” wherein they sing of bitterness with a glorious orchestra in the background.
Title track “Hwaa” is filled with all the rage of Track 1, but soon takes this into its own hands and transforms it into optimism, as the song progresses through their vocalizations.
The Minnie-produced “Moon” casts its light on the string accompaniments and enchants the listener with sinister tunes, as well as the pleas of Shuhua and Yuqi for the moon not to come to them.
In the second half, the EP takes a turn back to pop with “Where is Love.” Synth and nightclub beats make up the core, granting it energy perfect for that post-breakup, getting-lost-in-your-senses night out.
Lyricist-composer Yuqi comes back with “Lost,” another EDM-inspired track, albeit more on the down-tempo side. Co-written with Soyeon, the song is perhaps the most pop-sounding on the album, with guitars ringing throughout.


  • Hann (Alone in Winter)
  • Hwaa
  • Moon
  • Where is Love
  • Lost
  • Dahlia

Digital Singles

Hann (Alone) (August 14, 2018)

(G)I-DLE's Hann Album cover art

Marking the girls’ first comeback is the dark and mysterious “Hann (Alone).”
Relying heavily on Latin influences and a bit of the Wild, Wild, West theme, the song pulls the listener in with dramatics, a tango-like tune, and Soyeon and Soojin’s captivating voices.
Rapper Soyeon takes the spotlight with her rap verse, but Yuqi and Miyeon do just as flawlessly with their sing-song way of rapping towards the end.

Uh-Oh (June 26, 2019)

(G)I-DLE's Uh-Oh album cover art

Late 90s-slash-Y2k makes a comeback with the retro-hip-hop track, “Uh-oh.” Strings embellish the background for the pre-chorus and choruses, to sprinkle in a bit more nostalgia—but what really takes the cake are the turntable scratches complementing the hip-hop piano keys.
What’s more, the “Uh-oh” music video does not disappoint: from the biker-rapper fits, to Miyeon sitting atop a truck, to the all-female flash mob in front of a wall-art filled building, there’s no such thing as failing in the throwback department.
And that’s to say nothing of the mic literally on fire during Soyeon’s rap.

Single Album

Dumdi Dumdi (August 3, 2020)

(G)I-DLE's Dumdi Dumdi Album Cover art

(G)I-dle are back for the summer and ready to bring the heat, with traditional African influences infused with EDM on “Dumdi Dumdi.” The track is bright and energetic, made even more so with striking drums and Soyeon’s inviting turn up the summer. The outro feels every bit like a party in the middle of the jungle—where, of course, the lioness resides.
“I’m the Trend” is the bonus track on the physical album. Co-written by Minnie, Yuqi, and Soyeon, the song is a conglomeration of (G)I-dle so far, as they sing about themselves and add in the names of their previous title tracks in the post-chorus. Fun trumpets and jazz piano accompany Shuhua’s chorus, along with Minnie’s señorita!


  • Dumdi Dumdi
  • I’m the Trend

Solo Projects

A Page (May 13, 2021)

(G)I-DLE's Yuqi solo project A Page album cover art

A complete departure from her usual “cute baby” image, Yuqi’s solo debut demonstrates her musicality and growth through a narrative-like style (not to mention her superb deep vocals).
The lead song “Giant” is a commanding rock track that is as self-aware as the one behind the lyricist-singer herself. Here, she sets her foot down and keeps her head held high with every word of self-empowerment.
A booming retro bass kicks off “Bonnie & Clyde,” summoning the perfect amount of adrenaline needed to honor this classic getaway story.


  • Giant
  • Bonnie & Clyde


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