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Amazon Prime is now on the original content bandwagon, a move that might not be original itself (Netflix, Hulu, and most platforms produce their own series and movies, as well), but was still seriously smart. Who better to analyze what audiences want, than a company boasting one of the most advanced recommendation engines in the world?

Bezos must be putting all that data to good use, because Prime is constantly cranking out great movies and shows. Here are the best Amazon Prime original series to stream now.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Miriam Maisel (Rachel Broshanan) plays a perfect Upper West Side housewife whose husband leaves her. She attempts to become a stand-up comedian, in a scene not normally accepting of women at the time.

Mrs. Maisel comes from the same director as Gilmore Girls—and offers the same brand of witty, fast-paced, and overall hilarious dialogue.

Find it on Prime here.


Good Omens

This miniseries follows a demon (David Tennant) and angel (Michael Sheen), representatives on earth for hell and heaven, respectively. They must work together to prevent Armageddon before it destroys the lifestyle on terra firma they’ve grown to love.

Based on a book of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the 6-episode fantasy series sticks closely to its source, per the dying wish of Pratchett.

Find it on Prime here.



Titus Wellver is Harry Bosch, a procedural detective assigned to solve some seriously grisly murders.

Bosch has a military background, with a serious respect for rules and desire to learn the truth at all costs. Every episode, he’s challenged with conspiracies and problems that shake his world view, often in dark ways.

Find it on Prime here.



Catastrophe is a love story written backwards. Rob Delaney, a Boston ad executive, and Sharon, a British school teacher, get pregnant after a short fling. Rob moves to London, they get married, and then have to learn to co-parent—and coexist—despite still being virtual strangers.

Find it on Prime here.


The Man in the High Castle

Based on the famous Philip K. Dick novel, this Amazon Prime original series explores an alternate reality in which America lost WWII, and is now occupied by Germany on its east coast, and Japan on the west.

Find it on Prime here.



A legal thriller by the king of legal thrillers, David E. Kelley, Goliath stars Billy Bob Thornton as Billy McBride, a former lawyer struggling to cope with past mistakes.

He gets a client acquitted on a technicality, only for that client to then murder a family. McBride becomes an alcoholic and leaves his firm to chase ambulances. When a woman asks him to be her lawyer in a wrongful death case, he sees a chance at redemption—but it comes with far more risk than he predicted.

Find it on Prime here.


The Boys

What would happen if superheroes went rogue? In this raunchy dark humor series, superheroes learn they’ve earned their powers from nothing more than a serum. That means it’s possible for anyone to be a vigilante, superhero…or just destructive.

Find it on Prime here.



Utopia follows a group of nerds after they find a graphic novel that predicts every horrific disaster in history. They’re then targeted by “The Network,” a mysterious group with ties to an entirely new conspiracy.

Utopia is bleak and hyper-violent, but also a humorous crowd-pleaser.

Find it on Prime here.


Jack Ryan

Does anyone not love John Krasinski?

CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Krasinski) is used to working behind a desk, but is forced into field work after uncovering terrorist activity. As the series progresses, his confidence as a field agent grows…and the stakes, inevitably, get raised.

Based on Tom Clancy’s bestselling series of novels, the show also earned Krasinski a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.

Find it on Prime here.



Do you wonder what happens after you die? In this Greg Daniels comedy, a man chooses to have his persona uploaded into a digital afterlife called “Lake View.”

The afterlife turns out to be less than ideal; he also manages to fall in love with a service rep. This is a bit darker than the relatively cheery The Office and Parks and Rec, also by Daniels, but will still appeal to most fans of those shows.

Find it on Prime here.



From the creator of Mr. Robot, Homecoming portrays a counselor who helps soldiers return home…but the place she works for has sinister plans.

Find it on Prime here.



Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, known for SNL and Portlandia, get it going again with this shorter series about a married couple living what should be a perfect life…but is really boring and repetitive.

Together, they seek some variety and adventure. There are more twists than you might expect out of this otherwise boring couple.

Find it on Prime here.



Amazon delivers just about anything you can imagine—and now binge-worthy content is no exception. While some of the platform’s endeavors fall flat, many Amazon Prime original series exceed audience expectations with smart writing, hooky premises, and star-studded casts. Prime has also moved into created their own original movies as well with the same quality and effort they put into their best original series.

As great as Amazon Prime streaming is, and while it is home to some of the best TV shows of all time, it isn’t alone in the streaming business. Many other platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and many others compete with Amazon for your viewership. And while these companies see each other as competitors, it only benefits us viewers as we get a plethora of content to choose from.

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