Most Epic Deaths In Final Destination (Spoilers)

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While this franchise may not be as popular as the Resident Evil franchise, it still seems to captivate audiences around the world. For those of you who have seen the movies—or don’t mind spoilers—this is a round up of the best deaths in Final Destination.

Although it has been nine years since the last film was released, it was recently leaked that a Final Destination 6 is currently in the works—so fingers crossed that they will have their best ideas yet! And while not technically a Christmas horror movie, one death may involve a Christmas tree!

Nonetheless, these movie always keep you guessing who that final girl may be! In the meantime, here are the most epic deaths in Final Destination…so far.


Final Destination (2000)

In this movie, the main character Alex forsees a plane crash only minutes before it happens. Only one especially notable death happens, but it is pretty funny.

“Drop Fucking Dead!”

Terry Chaney, played by Amanda Detmer, grows frustrated with the main characters’ attempts to decipher Death’s strange plan. She walks away, turns to yell this amazing line…then immediately gets hit by a large bus. While it maybe a little bit of jumpscare to some, it still is hilarious nonetheless.


Final Destination 2 (2003)

In the first scene there is an enormous highway accident involving a log truck that has not properly secured its logs.

The most epic death is that of the police officer who has a giant log come right through his windshield and utterly obliterate him. However, this fate is ultimately avoided when the main character stops him and a few others from merging onto the highway.

Going Up, Sir

Stuck in an elevator, Nora finds her hair caught in a box of mannequin hooks. The doors close; the elevator then ascends to the next floor and neatly beheads her.

Death Waits For No One

After surviving the first movie, Clear Rivers is burned to a crisp by a faulty oxygen tank.


Final Destination 3 (2006)

In this film, the accident avoided is a rollercoaster breaking apart. The main character, Wendy, warns some people to get off, and thus prevents them from dying on the rickety coaster.

Ashes To Ashes

Ashlyn Halperin and Ashley Freund, rocking out in tanning beds, are completely oblivious to a slowly-dripping liquid that will cause their machines to malfunction. The tanning beds catch on fire, burning Ashlyn and Ashley alive.

Nailed It

Ian McKinnley and his girlfriend Erin Ulmer are working in a big box warehouse, teasing the protagonists about their crazy theories on death. Wendy manages to save Ian from falling debris, but Erin slips and falls backwards onto a nail gun that repeatedly shoots her in the head.

Good, Explosive Fun

A combination of the luck of the Irish and Wendy’s ingenuity saves Kevin from an explosion at the town’s fair, but Ian comes back to threaten Wendy and tell her that she’s dead…right before a crane collapses and smashes him to smithereens.


The Final Destination (2009)

Made at the height of the 3D movie phase, this film was obviously intended as either a reboot of the series, or as the final destination for this franchise, but they decided not to follow through.

The major accident avoided here: a NASCAR race gone horribly wrong. This is the weakest of the five movies in our opinion, but it still has some epic deaths.

“I’ve got my eye on you.”

Samantha Lane walks out of a hazardous beauty salon after numerous possible death scenarios, including the pump-chair collapsing while a hair stylist has her scissors very close, and when an errant straightener heats up a can of hairspray to the point of explosion.

After surviving both attempts, Samantha is, unfortunately, taken out by a rock: a stone, caught in a lawnmower, hurtles at great speed through her eye socket.

Down the Drain

One of the most disgusting (and best) deaths in this franchise is when arrogant playboy Hunt goes for a swim in a public pool. The suction turns up to drain the pool, catching Hunt at the bottom…literally.

You don’t actually see all of his organs suctioned out of his butthole, thankfully, but that is a shitty way to die.

“I was meant to see this movie!”

Although a little too self-referential, Janice yells out this line as the two main characters realize that Death’s plan is still happening, and that they need to escape from the 3D movie theater.

They manage to get out right as a propane tank bursts. The explosion causes a giant piece of metal to skewer her in the stomach. Turns out, this death is a vision, cleverly avoided via the sprinkler system.


Final Destination 5 (2011)

This film’s main accident that the protagonist foresees (and helps others avoid) is an outlandishly freaky bridge collapse.

A prequel for the series, Final Destination 5 is one of the more plot-heavy films in the franchise. It introduces the idea that you can kill someone to steal their remaining years for yourself.

Tar And Feathers

In the middle of the bridge collapse, Dennis Lapman is in the process of pulling himself back up when a construction vehicle flips and coats him with boiling tar. Viewers get to watch as his skin bubbles and boils. He then slides backwards, leaving some of his flesh behind on the concrete.

Accu-Oh No!

Isaac Palmer steals a massage gift certificate from one of his dead coworkers’ desks, then redeems it at a Chinese massage parlor. He proceeds to sexually harass multiple employees and make increasingly racist jokes.

Finally, the audience gets to watch him fall off table, the acupuncture needles stabbing deep into his body.

But wait: it gets better. A bottle of alcohol falls over and drenches him, while a candle starts burning out of control. Isaac gets his final dose of karma, however, when a falling Buddha idol lands neatly on his head.




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