Fun Things to Do While Traveling in Italy


Rich with ancient ruins, historically famous paintings and sculptures, and a culture that prides itself on family, food, and love, it’s no wonder Italy is among the top 5 travel destinations in the entire world.

Whether going solo or in a group, there are endless fun and exciting activities to do while traveling in Italy. Start with four of the most popular cities: Milan, Rome, Venice, and Florence.




A large dramatic fountain display in front of Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy

Castello Sforzesco

You absolutely have to take a tour of one of the most influential and important landmarks in Italy.

This castle was built around the 15th century, and was renovated shortly after. Leonardo Da Vinci lived in this castle for 17 years, in fact, and even designed one of the rooms himself.

You can also participate in a guided tour, which takes you through the museum and explains the history of the castle and the Dukes of Milan.

This institution has become a museum of sorts. It allows visitors to step back into the past, to see what life was like for prestigious artists and noblemen.


La Casa Maledetta

An excellent and invigorating experience awaits you at La Casa Maledetta.

This spooky house hasn’t been inhabited for close to 100 years, following a tragedy.

Enjoy live action roleplay at this cursed house: participants get the chance to interpret some fictional characters, as they act out different scenarios given to them.

Actors will also enhance the event, and help you experience a real-life psychological thriller unlike any other.




Tourist taking in the historic views at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy


This ancient monument is a massive marble structure, impeccably preserved and just as grand today as it was when ancient Romans first gathered in its walls.

It was constructed to hold over 50,000 people, who would witness battles of strength, might, and valor.

Today, visitors can get a taste of the past by visiting the Colosseum, doing a walk-through, taking pictures, and watching reenacted scenes by professionals.

Near the Colosseum, there is also a flurry of merchants, both authentic and more familiar foods (such as Burger King, for the less adventurous members of your group), knick-knacks, and painters waiting to do a portrait.

Once you leave your tour, you can choose to shop in the nearby strip mall, or go out for a night on the town at a nightclub.

While the streets are always bustling, the real fun starts at midnight!


Wine Tasting

Vino reigns supreme! A wine tasting experience is a must while traveling in Italy, as you’ll find it at nearly every table, for every meal.

While in Rome, enjoy a two-hour wine tasting in the city’s historic center. You’ll get to sample 6 premium wines, including a Rosè, two red wines, two white wines, and a sparkling variety.

Additionally, enjoy a delicious selection of perfectly paired Italian cured meats, olives, salami, cheeses, taralli, and bread.




A gondolier wearing a striped red and white shirt piloting his gondola through the Grand Canal in front of the colorful buildings in Venice, Italy

Gondola Ride Through the Grand Canal

Ah, the famous gondola ride: an upper echelon of romance. While you’re traveling Italy, why not finally make it a reality?

You can enjoy a shared ride in a gondola through the beautiful canals while sightseeing. The tour takes you through smaller canals, eventually ending in the Grand Canal.

These mysterious and serene canals can be enjoyed for 30-minute rides. It’s a great date idea, or simply a time to take in the atmosphere and be inspired.


Carnival Mask Treasure Hunt

There’s a personal treasure waiting for you in the maze of the Venetian streets!

A treasure hunt can be a fun time for the family, a friendly competition between buddies, or a couple’s adventure.

If you find your treasure, you’ll win a genuine carnival mask handcrafted by a local producer. They can even incorporate elements of your personality, or customize certain aspects however you like.

While doing the hunt, you must take a photo of three or more locations that will be highlighted on a map for you. This is a great way to discover the streets of Venice.


Gelateria lit prominently, and towering neighboring buildings against a sunset sky in Florence, Italy


Tour of the Gelateria

Real Italian gelato is an experience like no other.

Florence is the birthplace of authentic Italian gelato, made with care and quality ingredients. You’ll only pay €2 for a small, but handmade and organic cup of gelato.

Since the shop is only big enough to accommodate a handful of people at a time, you can step outside to enjoy the weather and admire the piazza (town square) while you’re there.

The Gelateria della Passera should be a stop on your list when visiting Florence. It’s also a short distance away from the world-famous Ponte Vecchio (a massive bridge with a remarkable amount of merchants).


Teatro del Sale

This is one of the most beloved institutions in Florence. It’s a restaurant/theatre, housed in a former 14th-century convent.

Grab your membership card upon arrival, as this event offers members-only entertainment that gives you the true Italian experience.

Every night there are wonderful performances, decadent dishes—announced by world-class chef Fabio Picchi—and diverse music.

The food is served canteen-style, and you can enjoy rock, jazz, tango, and even classical music while you eat.


An aerial view of historic buildings and red-roofed town surrounded by a teal river and sunset sky in Italy

There is truly so much to do when it comes to discovering and embracing the Italian culture. From musical events, to water activities, food tours, and more, there’s something for the whole family while traveling in the beautiful country of Italy.

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